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Interactive Ad Experience

Volkswagen is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. For more than 70 years, they have been making innovative technologies with attractive designs accessible to many people. It is this level of innovation that made a partnership with Smartzer the perfect combination.

The interactive video example above showcases how interactivity can drive awareness via social media ad formats with viewers able to click on the video to learn more about the specifications of the Volksvagen Golf R.

It was a perfect opportunity for Volkswagen to re-utilise existing video assets to drive awareness whilst viewers could book a test drive, driving quality leads to Volkswagen's website as a result of interactive video.

Volkswagen utilised Instagram Story ads as well as in-feed ads which both saw a high engagement rate of 67% (story) & 55% (in-feed).

Transforming Existing Content

The objective was to build an engaging Instagram campaign using existing video assets. This was to drive product awareness of the Golf R and for potential customers to be re-directed to the Volkswagen test drive booking system as a result of interactive video via Instagram Story and in-feed ads.


A Campaign was built where the ad opened an interactive experience instead of linking directly to Volkswagen’s website. The expereience was created by using the Golf R video where users were able to click on different parts of the video to discover more about the features that the Golf R has to offer. Viewers were then encourage to click through to read more information or to book a test drive via the Volkswagen website.


By adding the Interactive video experience as a “filter” between the original ad and the Volkswagen website, the campaign resulted in driving users with an increased interest and intent in the car. This was demonstrated by exploring details about the Golf R's features in the interactive video before clicking through to the website. The results showed strong engagement and high CTR across both Instagram Story and the In-Feed Ad format.

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Case Studies


Off-White used Smartzer's interactive video platform to transform pre-existing video into an innovative and refreshing piece of interactive shoppable content which was embedded onto the homepage. Thanks to state of the art video hotspot technology, viewers could click on areas of the video to bring up look details with direct links to shop the products on the product display page.

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