Harvey Nichols, Marc Jacobs makeup tutorial using interactive and shoppable video

Smartzer and Harvey Nichols have partnered a fifth time to optimise their video content, making a beauty industry a-list artist’s makeup tutorial video even more engaging.

The global ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty, Michael Ashton - Adele’s makeup artist renowned for creating her iconic cat-eye look. The interactive makeup tutorial is now a shoppable video featuring Michael’s top tips; from dry skin hacks to creating the perfect feline flick, and a walk-through on how to become the master of a smokey eye look.

shoppable video cover example
The Smartzer interactive video on the Harvey Nichols site, featuring a Marc Jacobs makeup tutorial.

Smartzer’s video overlay transforms the makeup tutorial into an easily shoppable video, where consumers can intuitively and directly purchase products being used without disengaging or leaving the actual video. This optimisation maximises the view-through rate, and increases consumer engagement, thereby leveraging the video content to generate sales and further product exploration and discovery. The bespoke HTML5 video overlay makes the interactive aspects of the video content marketing campaign blend seamlessly with the overall UX and design of the Harvey Nichols site.

Easy shoppable video creation, in-house design

The video player which sits on Harvey Nichols’ own website, uses Marc Jacobs Beauty products which are featured and can be bought directly through the video. The player has been optimised and designed by the Smartzer in-house team to blend perfectly with the aesthetic design of the Harvey Nichols site. Through communication and immense attention to detail, the interactive video design is cohesive with the overall UI of the Harvey Nichols website. The full design service was provided by Smartzer for an easy, curated and streamlined process.

The Smartzer and Harvey Nichols design teams worked together to create a smoothly functioning and powerful bespoke interactive video that enhances the Harvey Nichols video asset and their design aesthetic. Functionality and an intuitive customer journey through the video and product discovery pipeline was as always at the heart of the process.

Increased consumer engagement and optimisation for discovery and sales globally

Clear call to action buttons (ie. ‘VIEW ALL’ or ‘CLICK PRODUCTS TO EXPLORE’), hot-spots and suggestive click buttons distributed throughout the video encourage consumers to utilise all the features of the clickable video. The smart video draws in the viewer and offers them easily accessible product information, a purchasing button and a link to learn more about the product. All videos are optimised to work beautifully on desktops, smartphones and tablets, ensuring the diverse range of viewing platforms can play the Smartzer smart video overlay with shoppable content anywhere and any time.

The video has been distributed after its Smartzer optimisation and transformation on the Harvey Nichols site.