Auroboros x Smartzer: Futuristic fashion and shoppable video

Explore an alternate dimension with Auroboros' futuristic fashion show that was made shoppable by Smartzer for London Fashion Week.

With 1 in 10 people buying clothes solely for social media purposes, Auroboros seeks to solve the issue of fast fashion and fashion waste with entirely digital collections. These online products produce 97% less carbon emissions than physical clothes. The brand explores a unique, never before seen concept that could be the future of fashion influencing online.

Smartzer was able to help the brand create an immersive, interactive experience in which viewers could click to buy the virtual outfits on the screen.

London Fashion week interactive example


Auroboros created a gamified, dynamic shoppable video for London Fashion Week. The video featured multiple looks with multiple products that could be tapped to view more details with a link to the product display page. Interactive video technology was the perfect fit for the brands completely online collection and produced a memorable, futuristic experience that reflected the brands ethos.

Interactive experience example


Using Smartzer's interactive video platform, Auroboros' mind bending content resulted in the following features:

  • Immersive, clickable overlay with product hotspots
  • Group popup with multiple items in the look
  • 'Shop now' call to action to transport the viewer to the product display page to buy
  • 'Click To Shop' tag to notify the viewer that the video is shoppable
  • Side carousel for the customer to browse through items
  • Replay screen with carousel to give viewers the extra chance to buy
  • Landing page embedding

See the full video in action here!


Auroboros took advantage of Smartzer's innovative video content marketing technology to product an equally as innovative and futuristic shoppable video. As a completely virtual brand, Auroboros encouraged viewers to interact with their products via clickable content to drive traffic to their website. As a result, interactive video has the ability to boost revenue to levels that are out of this world.

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