Best Examples Of Shoppable Video On Instagram

What is Shoppable Video?

Shoppable video is an immersive and interactive video platform that can increase viewer engagement. The displayed content is clickable through a product tagged overlay. Viewers can find out more details about products or make a purchase by clicking a call-to-action without leaving the ad.

Brands use video interactivity to make their products stand out across social media. This has proven to be extremely effective on Instagram.

Here are some great examples of shoppable video ads by brands on Instagram:

Gap X SZA “Logo Remix” collection campaign

  • Gap used full screen carousel ads on Instagram Stories to promote their “Logo Remix” collection.
  • Videos were short form, vertical and reflected Gaps classic branding.
  • The “shop now” call-to-action encouraged viewers to buy the product straight from the ad.
  • By partnering with popular singer, SZA, Gap was able to reach new GenZ audiences.
  • After 19 days of sharing the ad, Gap saw a 73% higher click through rate proving that the shoppable video ad successfully engaged viewers with the brand.

Smartzer X MINI Countryman Social Media Ads

Shoppable Video Examples on Instagram

  • Smartzer’s interactive video platform allowed MINI to create shoppable video ads.
  • MINI recycled regular video campaigns with video interactivity to provide a fresh and exciting experience for viewers wanting to learn more about the car.
  • Viewers could click sections of the car to see more or click the call-to-action to book a test drive. A shoppable carousel would show alongside the video for customers to view and see more.
  • The campaign was shared across Instagram and Facebook in feeds and through Instagram stories.
  • The ad was optimised for the mobile experience.
  • Video interactivity can boost engagement by 38% and increase conversion rates by 400%.

Gymshark Black Friday Instagram Stories (2017)

  • Shoppable story ads featured a call-to-action that turned interested viewers into customers.
  • The brand published user created content to connect with fans and build customer loyalty.
  • The ad campaign reached 16.4 million people and generated 40% of total sales during the time the ad was shown.

KFC Italy - Make Everything Old New Again 360 ad

  • The 360 degree interactive view showed various age groups dancing and enjoying KFC products
  • The ad included the hashtag #DipLoveChallenge to encourage viewer participation and organic sharing. This created a sense of community interaction with the brand
  • Within 10 days the ad was viewed 4 million times with a 9 point increase in popularity among Italian women aged 25-35.

Instagram is an incredibly useful platform that brands can use to promote their brand. By optimising shoppable video ads for social media, brands can engage millions of viewers and interest into conversion.