Best Interactive Video Ads On YouTube

Introducing Interaction Videos and WHY they are better than standard videos

Using an interactive video platform can boost customer engagement by 38% in comparison to standard video. The clickable overlay allows viewers to interact with the ad. This could show more info about a product, an option to buy or book a test drive, an option to input personal info, answer a question or view an area of the video in more detail. Interaction videos are fun, exciting and memorable for viewers. As a result, viewers are more likely to turn into customers.

How interaction videos work as ads on YouTube

There are five ways in which brands can easily create interaction ads for their video ecommerce on YouTube with YouTube or Google ads.

Cards (YouTube)

  • Showcase features of a product within a video
  • Promote other videos or playlists to encourage engagement with your channel

End Screens (YouTube)

  • Manually create an end screen to encourage further engagement with your brand

Call-To-Action button (Google ads)

  • Encourage viewers to click through to your website or make a purchase within the YouTube video

Auto End Screens (Google ads)

  • Show an automatically generated screen at the end of your video ad that encourages viewers to take action. For example; installing an app, subscribing to an account or purchasing a product.

Shopping Cards (Google ads)

  • Show listings with products from your linked ecommerce site or merchant center account
  • Connect viewers to products that they have already viewed in the YouTube video or that are related to the video ecommerce.

Interaction videos can also be creatively seen as the following:

  • Branching: Choose your own journey style interaction video where content is customisable based on the viewers decisions.
  • 360 video: Realistic virtual reality experience where the viewer is immersed into an alternative dimension by looking up, down, left and right in the video.

Clickability and interactivity can transform basic video ads into fun, immersive and memorable viewer experiences. Here are some exciting brand examples of interactive video platforms in action on YouTube :


The interaction video succeeded as a fun form of video ecommerce. Viewers were able to click hotspots throughout the video to view products or visit the ASOS ecommerce site. The exciting music video grabs the viewers attention and the bright colours allow the products to pop.


Boursin 360 degree virtual reality campaign takes the viewer on a surreal journey through a fridge! Packed full of fresh ingredients, the video submerges the viewer into herb forests, a mountain range of peppers then over a sea of red cranberries.


Playstation released a mini interactive YouTube version of the game. The viewer can click on hotspots to explore, make decisions and interact as a character in the video. The effective promotional video has generated over 250,000 plays. The gamification of interaction video can be an effective form of video ecommerce on YouTube as well as websites. The viewer feels connected to the brand and learns about the product while having fun.

With content going viral in seconds, YouTube is a useful tool for brands to promote their products in creative and stand out ways. These three brands successfully interactive video platform to generate memorable and intriguing ads that convert viewers into customers.

YouTube video ads are typically made exclusively through YouTube or Google software. Smartzer offers an interactive video platform for brands to create similarly exciting content across social media and e-commerce. This cross platform solution can help brands stand out from the crowd.