The best interactive video ads on Facebook

Interaction videos are videos that support user involvement. They usually have clickable hotspots that can show a viewer information about a product, allow them to explore areas of the video in more detail, answer questions, personalise the video or make a purchase. The immersive technology increases engagement and can boost viewing time by a whopping 47%.

By using interactive video platforms across social media, brands can attract new and existing customers to their e-commerce sites. In fact, interactive streaming commerce has proven to increase conversion rates by 400%.

As the biggest social media platform in the world, Facebook has over 2,740 million users worldwide. So, brands are using interactive video platforms to stand out on the site and reach as many customers as possible.

Here are some of the ways brands are using interactive video on Facebook...

Taylors of Harrogate: Personalised Quizzes to Tailor Products

The quiz appeared as a clickable link in a campaign video. When users clicked the link in the video they could take a quiz to find out their favourite coffee flavour. After the results, users could purchase the recommended product and join the company's email newsletter. Interaction video quizzes are a great way to offer a bespoke viewer experience. Tailoring products to the viewers needs will build customer trust and encourage conversions.

BMW X WAVEMAKER X SMARTZER: Interactive Facebook Ad Campaign

Interactive video example

For the new 4 Series Coupé, BMW teamed up with interactive video platforms, Wavemaker and Smartzer. They created a clickable, explorable video that would focus in on parts of the car and show details. The call-to-actions encouraged viewers to "learn more" or "book a test drive". This ad was shown across Facebook and Instagram feeds. By using interactive streaming commerce, video engagement was over 33% and click through rate was over 23%.

Sephora: personalised, dynamic ads

The Facebook and Instagram ads used information from Sephora's website and mobile app to connect new and know customers with relevant products from the product catalogue. The photos populated ads in a carousel format which viewers could swipe through. An "add to basket" call-to-action encouraged viewers to head to Sephora's ecommerce site. Through Facebooks in-house interactive video platform, any brand can create content as bright and exciting as Sephora's.