Bloomingdale's UAE x Smartzer: New dawn

Bloomingdale's collaborated with Smartzer to create a shoppable campaign for all of the family.

Shoppable Video Example

Using Smartzer's interactive video platform, Bloomingdale's UAE created a shoppable video just in time for Ramadan.

In the immersive, dynamic video, a variety of models demonstrate a variety of products from handbags to clothing to jewellery and more. The exciting, clickable campaign allows viewers to find out more information about several products, engaging them and informing them at the same time.


Smartzer's interactive video platform allowed Bloomingdale's to tag their video with products to make them shoppable. Products were added into a clickable overlay via Smartzer's Product Import feature. The video was seamlessly integrated into Bloomingdales campaign landing page and customised to match the brands e-commerce style. By clicking on product hotspots, viewers can find out pricing and product details as well as add the item to their bag to purchase. As a result, Bloomingdale's was able to create a sleek and stylish campaign that supported video interactivity.

Shoppable Video Pop up Example
Explore the NEW DAWN campaign on Bloomingdale's UAE website here!


  • E-commerce placement
  • Add to bag CTA
  • Size personalisation
  • Multiple product links for easy product discovery
  • Shoppable carousel
  • Group popups


As a result, Smartzer and Bloomingdale's generated a shoppable video that featured multiple products for men, women and children. By using video interactivity, Bloomingdale's successfully created a campaign that informed consumers and encouraged them to add products to their baskets without leaving the video. The video's family focus provides something for everyone, encouraging families to celebrate Ramadan traditions and create new ones through fashion.