BMW x Wavemaker x Smartzer: Interactive Instagram & Facebook Ad Campaign

How BMW transformed their Facebook Ad Campaign into an engaging interactive video experience for the new 2020 BMW 4 Series Coupe

Interactive Video Example
Photo: Screen capture of BMW 4 Series interactive video.


The distinctive new BMW 4 Series 4 coupé is a car that provokes a sense of athletic confidence from every angle. The vehicle features a unique kidney grille, short overhangs, and frameless windows. In order to promote the latest head-turning 4 Series model, the team at BMW and Wavemaker UK sought to entice and capture top of the funnel UK consumers with a Facebook & Instagram campaign to match.


In order to deliver upon the campaign KPIs, Smartzer's interactive platform was used to build a custom BMW interactive video that could be launched directly from the Facebook and Instagram ad units. In order to transform the regular image and video assets into an interactive player Smartzer first built a custom video overlay to ensure a fully branded experience. The interactive player containing all the assets was then placed as a call-to-action URL within the Facebook ads manager on a range of different ad sets and campaigns. A smart media plan was orchestrated by the team at Wavemaker UK and the ads were run across the Facebook ad network, for audiences to discover and engage with. While interacting with the video, users were able to discover the range of different new features on the car and click-through to the BMW Series 4 landing page.


  • Video engagement = over 33%
  • Video CTR = over 23%
  • 60% of clicks generated from clicking on the video


Capturing the attention of users through the noise of Social media can often prove challenging, however, as many businesses are struggling to engage with consumers physically, boosting engagement online has become a must. The new BMW 4 Series Facebook & Instagram ad campaign not only caught the eye of consumers but also their fingertips. Through the simple use of the Smartzer overlay prospective BMW 4 Series drivers were introduced to the new vehicle in a seamless and memorable way, setting the tone for many campaigns into the future.