Brands who are jumping on board with live shopping trends

With the livestream shopping trend running rampant in Asia for years, the rest of the world is playing catch up.

Now, brands are keen to take part in livestream shopping events to sell to their customers in real-time. Especially when the bricks and mortar stores have been closed for the best part of a year thanks to the global pandemic.

With rapidly advancing streaming commerce technology, the offline is brought online by allowing customers to live shop. By pre-uploading product links to players like Smartzer, connect their RTMP link to their chosen streaming service and then go live!

Here are some brands who have taken the streaming commerce plunge...

1. Nordstrom

This year Nordstrom is set to host a series of immersive and shoppable livestreams. Such as Burberry 'how to wear runway looks' tutorials, beauty classes with Charlotte Tilbury and Anastasia Beverly Hills and more. During the events customers will be able to shop-a-long, buying the products demonstrated and send messages to hosts via a chat room. This real-time, virtual shopping experience provides a human touch to digital ecommerce.


AVON has started to create live shop experiences for their customers. The streams offer customers to shop all the products shown with one off discounts. The latest stream was a spring cleaning event in which viewers could shop a variety of cleaning items. They have also done makeup tutorials, educating customers about finding their perfect shade of lipstick, this segment lasted around 30 minutes. This provided a highly engaging way of selling online, including video chat, consultations and virtual services.

3. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder are jumping on the livestream trend through their own tutorials, featuring celebrity makeup artists like @Nikki_Makeup and more. Harnessing the power of technology, the brand has used streaming commerce to connect with customers in the comfort of their homes. As a result, anyone can achieve a dewy and glowing complexion with the help of Estee Lauder. Their jam packed calendar of events means that there is a stream catered for everyone within which they can purchase their perfect product suited for their skin type.

4. ZacZess X Smartzer

Swedish equestrian brand, ZacZess, teamed up with Smartzer to deliver a shoppable livestream. The dynamic shopping experience was extremely effective for video content marketing purposes and achieved great results. For example, 67% of viewers interacted to view product details and there was over 50% click-through rate with 40% of viewers commenting using the chat bar. The brand proved that no matter how big or small, shoppable livestream can generate high levels of engagement for businesses online.

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