Gen-Z & Live Stream Shopping

Is Live Stream shopping the new way of engaging with the Gen-Z?

After the two-year-pandemic many of us have wondered how would affect consumer behavior, the pandemic encouraged brands worldwide to digitalize their content and create more immersive experiences online.

With this in mind, there was a generation that raised particular concern among brands and this was Gen- Z. This demographic represents an estimated 143$ billion in annual spending power. A generation known for its criticism towards brands' transparency and for craving authenticity in marketing.

Man holding their phone watching video content and laughing

With interactive live video streaming, the needs of the consumer are met as brands can live showcase products and their functionality. Moreover, being able to directly shop live means those products are easily found without having to hunt through a catalog page. This is seen as a big advantage for a young generation of consumers. The immediacy and full transparency that live shopping give to viewers is something that is very difficult to replicate without seeing products in person.

Brands can also use interactive live video streaming to make a one-on-one shopping experience. This allows brands to create a personalized experience for the viewer, something that is highly valued by Gen-Z.

Gamer with headphones on watching something on their computer screen

Now with interactive video software, the creation of shoppable live streams is easy and simple. This is why more brands are starting to create this form of content to engage and connect with their consumers. A really good example of this is Buttonscarves. The brand has built up a loyal community by hosting shoppable live streams each week.

Some people might think that live streaming is too complicated, leaving them anxious to host. The truth is that interactive live video streaming does not have to be hard, or need to require a super high-tech production. It can actually be done easily with a smartphone, a tripod, good lighting, and in-house talent.

In short, Gen Z's consumer rates are one of the highest we've ever seen in history. On average, every third consumer belongs to generation Z, forming 33% of the world’s population. Shoppable live stream is the new content meeting Gen Z consumers' expectations from brands regarding personalization, authenticity, and transparency.