How Interactive Video Works

Have you ever wondered how is it possible to add interactivity to an existing video? What's the technology behind interactive video platforms?

Screen interaction

First of all, what makes a video interactive? The definition of interactive video can take many forms. Let's say it’s a digital video that supports user interaction through clicks, touches, or taps. It is a video that goes beyond “play” and “pause.”

Interactive video software can add a layer of interactivity to any pre-existing video. In Smartzer, through years of experience, we found out the best solution is to add this layer with tags. By simply dragging and dropping them, the tag acts like a hotspot on the video that supports interactivity through clicks.

Video interactivity is mostly used to create shoppable videos. That's why the tags added are usually products from the brand. In some interactive video platforms, these products can be imported from the brand's product catalog through their API. This way the viewers not only can add to the cart products, but they can see real-time availability, pricing, etc.

Additionally, interactive video platforms like Smartzer go above and beyond importing the product catalog and allow brands to export an interactive video responsive in all formats. Brands can then share the link throughout any social platform, email newsletter, etc.

In conclusion, the technology behind an interactive video is complex when it comes to responsiveness and design. That’s why most brands reach out to third-party companies that have the knowledge and expertise to create high-quality interactive content.