How fast fashion brands are driving sales with interactive and shoppable video

The use of interaction video in content marketing is growing exponentially with many major luxury brands using it for campaigns and fashion shows. So, how is the fast fashion industry responding to this?

85% of people said that they would like to see more video from brands in 2021. With the average person scrolling through 300 ft of social media content a day, brands are reimagining their video content marketing to be interactive and shoppable to standout.

Shoppable videos are a type of interaction video that allow consumers to find out information about products and make a purchase without leaving the window. Clickable hotspot technology allows brands to upload links to product pages, ecommerce sites, e-mail signups and more.

By using interaction video in video content marketing, brands can increase engagement by 3-4 x. This prevents viewer drop-off and shortens the path to purchase. Implementing clickable calls-to-action that let viewers add products to cart turns viewers into customers in one click.

Here's how fast fashion brands are taking advantage of this effective new technology to drive sales.


This interactive and shoppable video provides three different campaign videos in one. Viewers can choose one of three different chapters to explore various products in different storylines. This exciting, interactive video allows the viewer to choose their experience and be a part of the campaign themselves.

This video resulted in 3.1 interactions per viewer and achieved a 257% interaction rate.

Interact with the video here.


Adidas partnered with Smartzer to create an interaction video on their e-commerce site. The campaign was entirely shoppable as viewers could click on products to view more details and buy now via the call to action. The action packed video featured a shoppable carousel that consumers could browse without leaving the video. The dynamic content engaged viewers, allowing them to easily find their favourite products and make purchases instantly.

Smartzer's interactive videos can help brands increase their conversion rates by 400%.

Watch the shoppable video here.


ASOS implemented interaction video into their video content marketing strategy by creating a customisable and shoppable music video with Juce! Consumers could click various hotspots in the video to view products in more detail, then follow links to the ASOS ecommerce site to buy. The exciting music video grabs the viewers attention with bright, refreshing colours that make the products pop.

Click the video above to explore!


H&M owned fast fashion brand, Monki, has started to take full advantage of shoppable livestream using interactive software by Bambuser. Here, consumers could shop live as the host demonstrates a variety of products and how to style them. Monki editor-in-chief Eleonore Nygårds and buyer Nina Gomes filmed and broadcasted to users across the H&M-owned brand’s 19 markets. Viewers could interact with the hosts by asking questions in a chat room and shop live by adding products to their basket from a shoppable carousel. To complete checkout, shoppers leave the video to key in their payment details.  Monki has repurposed livestreams on their e-commerce site so that customers can view at anytime.

Watch Monki livestreams here.

These examples prove that it isn't just luxury brands who are making content interactive and shoppable.