How to add shoppable video to any Shopify Store

With more and more brands incorporating interactive and shoppable formats into their e-commerce, many are looking towards interactive video platforms to succeed.

Luckily, if your brand is on Shopify, you don't need to worry about complicated integrations to incorporate a shoppable video based content marketing technology.

There are some incredibly simple apps available to help your brand create captivating video on Shopify product pages to encourage site visitors to buy. So, we've broken down the list to give you the top platforms to use to create ridiculously engaging video on any Shopify.


shoppable video cover example

Vimotia brings TikTok style videos to your Shopify store. This video Shopify App allows customers to shop from the content by clicking interactive widgets. You can import product videos from AliExpress, Amazon as well as YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram.


shoppable video example

Create incredible content - ideal for product discovery like the Bloomingdales UAE example above.

Smartzer's app helps brands to create shoppable video on Shopify product pages and beyond. The app allows merchants to add an interactive overlay to video content to make it shoppable. Customers can click on the video to view product information on pricing, sizing, colour options with the option to add the item straight to their bag. These videos can be shared across social media, implemented on product landing pages and used in email newsletters. Smartzer also offers a live stream shopping solution that allows brands to sell to customers in real-time broadcasts.


shoppable video example

VStore allows brands to display products featured in videos below the content. They also allow merchants to create virtual shop tours as well as how to videos for products in an entertaining and engaging way. VStore makes it clear for viewers to see products with direct links to buy.

These apps are just some of the great shoppable solutions to create exciting, interactive video on Shopify.