How to build an interactive live stream with Smartzer

Check out how you could use Smartzer's interactive video platform to create entirely immersive, clickable and shoppable live stream experiences.

In the first half of 2020, there were more than 10 million Ecommerce live-streaming sessions online and by March there were 560 million people watching live-streams in China. Smartzer's shoppable video platform enables brands to create exciting, real-time buying events for customers to get involved in.

The super simple and seamless app takes the stress and cost out of content creation by streaming organic content directly into the player to broadcast to viewers.

But how does it work?

Here's a quick breakdown of how our live shopping feature works for brands...

1. Make sure you have set yourself up an account with Smartzer!

After getting in touch with Smartzer, we can provide you with an end to end demo of how our platform works. Feel free to visit our website and discover. Or, use our Intercom to the bottom right hand side of the page to chat to our representatives.

If you decide Smartzer is for you, you can download our live shopping Shopify app, or have us set you up an account for any other alternative Ecommerce site such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SAP, WordPress and more.

2. You will need a couple of things to start off with

There are some things you will need to ensure you have a successful live shop broadcast.

Download a third party broadcasting APP such as OBS and Larix. We recommend OBS for desktop recording and Larix for mobile streaming. You will be able to record your stream through these apps and connect it to the Smartzer shoppable live stream editor. You will need to adjust the settings and we recommend streaming in portrait mode!

Secure a good quality camera. But don't worry, you don't need studio quality equipment to stream, most mobile cameras have good enough quality in 2021.

Set up your streaming location. Make sure you have a aesthetic area to broadcast from with a nice backdrop, suitable lighting and good WiFi. There is nothing worse than a patchy stream that cuts in and out.

Plan your content. Who will be hosting the stream? What will they say and what products will they feature? Having an order of featured products will help whoever is using the editor to apply the shoppable products.

Live shopping Example

3. Using the editor

Our shoppable live stream editor has been created with simplicity in mind.

Firstly, you click to generate your stream to create a Stream Key and Server URL (RTMP link). You can input this into your third party broadcasting APP (OBS or Larix or alternative). You can then choose a suitable holding screen (splash screen) image and end screen image with text and a product carousel. The product carousel in the end screen will show once the broadcast has ended and summarise all of the featured products.

You can then import products manually by filling out a product form, adding prices, images and names. Or, you can import products using your API. With API integration we can connect to your product catalogue to pull in up to date product information by searching SKU numbers or Product ID's. Feel free to speak to our Account Manager regarding timelines for integration and requirements!

Once all of your products are imported and your broadcasting app is connected you are ready to click 'Go Live!'. You can enable comments so that your customers can chat during the stream, you can also disable them and swear words are blocked.

To feature products alongside the stream, click the plus icon on the product or drag and drop products from the import area into the feature area. Ideally, you will have one person hosting and one person managing the editor, so the editor controller can add the products as the stream plays. The viewer can then click popups to shop products.

Once the stream has finished in the editor click 'End Live' to display the end screen carousel to viewers. This will then save the stream recording to be re-watched or reused as on-demand content.

Live shopping recording example

For more information on how to create interactive video and live shopping experiences reach out on our Intercom!