How to improve your Shopify store conversion using video on Shopify

Check out these game changing apps on Shopify that can help you harness the top 5 CRO boosting techniques.  

There are many ways you can improve your Shopify store's conversion rate. Whether it is including a video player on Shopify sites, improving your email marketing or managing SEO, we have put together a list of the top 5 apps and top 5 methods to help you to maximise profit and boost your brand to new heights 👇

1. CM Commerce - Email Marketing

The app on Shopify helps brands to send smarter emails with personalisation and refined targeting.
E-commerce email automation

  • Send emails featuring segments specific to your audience as well as conversion driven campaigns
  • Recover revenue with abandoned cart emails
  • Include reviews
  • Send valuable feedback surveys
Check out CM Commerce here!

2.  Smartzer - Video on Shopify and Shopify Livestream

The Smartzer app helps brands to create shoppable video on Shopify as well as Shopify Livestream. Boost conversion with an engaging, interactive and memorable video player on Shopify.

Smartzer cover

  • Easy to distribute, on-demand and shoppable videos that can be used across social media, on ecommerce and in email newsletters
  • Tag video on Shopify with interactive, clickable product tags with information and an 'add to cart' functionality
  • Import product information direct from product feeds to show customers correct stock information
  • Broadcast Shopify livestreams to sell products in real time.

Find out more about using a video player on Shopify with Smartzer.

3.  Privy - Popups

Create exit popups and emails to show your customer the best deals and push conversions.
Grow Sales Example

  • Create site popups with special offers, promotions and the option to grow your mailing list
  • Create loyalty schemes tailored to your Shopify brand
  • Save abandoned cart revenue with reminder popups
Check out Privy here!

4. Easy Video - Product videos for your store

Add excitement to your store with this app for product video on Shopify.
Easy Video

  • Easy Video supports YouTube and Vimeo to allow users to add product videos to galleries
  • Customise your video layout with flexible settings (autoplay, thumbnail icon, video aspect ratio)
  • No coding required
  • Bring your products to live with Easy Video
Find out more here!

5. Sitemapper - SEO Manager

Boost your sites visibility on Search Engines with Sitemapper SEO Manager.

  • Generate a site map for your Shopify store
  • Improve traffic to your store to boost conversion rates
  • Link products to blog posts
  • Create site maps that include all the products you are selling
Check out Sitemapper here!
Sitemapper generator