How To Make Content Shoppable

If you need some travel inspiration, you  might browse through the internet and search for “the most beautiful beaches worldwide”. You will be met by thousands of pictures of incredible white sand beaches. You save them and dream of one day visiting.

On Pinterest you will find a high amount of amazing beaches, places and hotels. However, it is not always clear if the beach on the picture is really what it says it is. Often, people fall victim to fake hotel listings.

Imagine an interactive video showing your chosen destination, you can click into the video, and it displays a livestream of the destination occurring in real time. This might be a hotel, a restaurant,  a sightseeing attraction. Amazing, right?

This is now possible with Smartzer's shoppable video software and demonstrated in the  AMAZING THAILAND, advert for the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Using a wide range of content we have tagged different experiences, spa & wellness possibilities, hotels, luxury tour packages and some culinary must-go places, which a viewer can explore by merely clicking straight into the video.

Why don't you have a look yourself what Thailand has to offer?

Smartzer's player can be embedded on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or/and Snapchat both as organic as well as paid social campaigns. Furthermore, the shoppable video player can be linked to stories where the interactive video player opens in full screen as the user 'swipes up' on a story.

This tech can be utilised in store by using a touch screen, great for store or popup events.

Interactive and engaging content simplifies buying, increases customer engagement, improves conversion rates and allows performance insights. Interactive videos aren’t just advantageous for brands and retailers, they also allow consumers to explore products or places directly from the moment they are displayed on-screen, and this creates a unique user experience.

Interactive Video Example

Videos have become one of the most powerful storytelling tools for marketers. That’s why we are very proud of having created something special for AMAZING THAILAND.

The demand for shoppable product videos is increasing and this case study shows how they are not limited to any particular industry.