How to repurpose content as a shoppable video

In 2022 82% of all customer traffic will come from videos. So, marketers are looking for more cost effective and memorable ways to use video content marketing in their campaign strategies.

By repurposing existing content into shoppable and interactive experiences, brands can engage customers in a hassle free, quick and cheap way.

Why shoppable video works

Shoppable and interactive videos successfully turn viewers into active participants via clickable hotspots. Interactive video platform, Smartzer, places an interactive overlay over existing content to make videos shoppable. Consumers can swipe, click, drag, spin aspects of videos to find out more about a product. Popups show product info as well as calls to actions that encourage conversions, this could be to 'shop now', 'buy now', 'book a test drive' or 'sign up to mailing list'. Brands can add this information via text, images, URLs, product feed, product API's or manually. This format of content marketing can help brands increase engagement by 3-4 x, increase click through rate by over 25% and encourage a 400% increase in conversion.

Here are some of the ways interactive video platforms like Smartzer can help brands repurpose content into interactive video.

Existing standard video into shoppable video

By using existing videos that showcase products, brands can add clickable tags and make them shoppable. Tags will show pricing, information and 'add to basket' CTA's as well as direct links to e-commerce sites. These videos could be shared as ads across the internet as well as on social media and e-commerce. United Colors of Benetton turned their runway show into a shoppable video to drive more more sales. Viewers could click the hotspots that appeared on some of the models to view individual pieces. They could also select the ‘Shop the video’ button in the bottom right corner to see the whole collection.

What you will need:

  • video
  • product links
  • link to e-commerce

Recycling livestream as shoppable video on e-commerce

Smartzer's interactive video platform allows brands to create shoppable livestreams across their chosen platforms. Brands can build a shoppable product carousel to show alongside the stream by importing directly from a product catalogue or manually. Brands can connect the platform to their stream using the RTMP ID and a Stream Key to go live. After the stream, brands can repurpose these videos on e-commerce sites and share them across social media as video content marketing. Brown Thomas used Smartzer's player to create shoppable masterclass livestreams. They have repurposed these shoppable tutorials as videos to be viewed at anytime on their e-commerce.

Shoppable video example

What you will need:

  • livestream video
  • product links
  • e-commerce links
  • social sharing

Existing video into interactive social media ads

83% of people say that they use Instagram for product discovery, turning social media into a packed market place for product promotion. Interactive video platforms can turn existing video content into interactive ads on Facebook and shoppable Instagram stories, in feed ads and IGTV. Short videos of below 60 seconds are suited for stories while longer may be suited to in feed ads and IGTV. Product tags can be added to the clickable overlay to let consumers find out more information. These might include links to e-commerce or 'buy now' CTA's. Check out Gymshark's use of shoppable video on Instagram stories. Repurposing content as interactive Instagram stories has the capacity to reach thousands, even millions of consumers.

What you will need:

  • Short videos suited for ads
  • Product links for product tags
  • Effective CTA
  • Link to e-commerce
  • Social media account

By using interactive video platforms, brands can boost engagement, CTR and conversions through shoppable video.