How to use video interactivity on landing pages to convert in 2021

Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80-86%. So, it seems silly to pass up the opportunity to use this format on e-commerce, especially interactive video.

Over the past year video content marketing technology has rapidly advanced to improve customer shopping experiences during the global pandemic. Using video interactivity on landing pages can enrich the visitor experience, drawing them in and introducing them to a variety of new products which they can add to their bag straight from the video. As a result, landing page strategy is highly important to achieve max conversions.

Here's an example of Smartzer's partnership with Valentino for their Diary Collection for video ecommerce used on their landing page:

Landing page strategy:

Appropriate video content marketing is essential for optimising your brands online presence. Using relevant video ecommerce frequently can help your brands SEO and allow you to rank higher for key words and appear first in search engines. Google algorithms will prioritise pages that show elements that are the most relevant to your consumer. Using persuasive, marketing tactics on these pages will provide a top tier video ecommerce experience that will convince a visitor to make a purchase. Video interactivity can help brands achieve this.

Video interactivity

The Demand Metric Report, for example, concludes that materials with elements that make interaction possible are efficient in lead conversion in approximately 70% of the cases, while passive content reaches only 36%. This demonstrates video interactivity as a worthy investment. Every interaction that occurs within the video can be tracked and measured, allowing brands to understand customer behaviours and adapt strategies to meet demand. Formats that support data inputs like quizzes and polls can give you a clear insight into the mind of your customer.

The measurability of video interactivity makes the format a key tool for video content marketing strategy. Every stage of the purchase funnel can be measured from awareness, discovery, consideration and conversion. Interactive videos give consumers control over what happens in the video allowing for a bespoke, personalised and dynamic user experience. Videos are memorable and engaging, encouraging the viewer to learn more about your product to feel confident enough to make a purchase online. Video ecommerce strategies on landing pages can instantly grab the attention of a visitor and turn them into a qualified viewer with the desire to make a purchase.

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