How using Shoppable video in emails can sky rocket CTR and conversion rates

Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of content out there. However, sometimes it can be difficult to grab the attention of your consumer to prevent them from deleting your email.

Video has a colossal amount of power across all stages of the marketing funnel. Dynamic, visual and audial content can inform a customer and convert them in seconds. Interaction video has the capacity to do this across all forms of marketing, particularly within emails.

What is interaction video and how can it transform email marketing results?

Interactive, tag videos allow the viewer to click to explore product information. Consumers can tap hotspots to find out details about brands, call to actions encourage viewers to 'see more', 'buy now', 'add to bag', 'book a test drive' and more. Tag videos give the viewer the chance to get involved with the content to find out information about the products that are the most relevant to them. The possibility of personalisation engages the viewer and drives them to your ecommerce product pages as informed traffic. Here, they can make the confident decision to purchase.

Email marketing has the ability to be especially personalised. Fields can determine your consumer's first name to address the email in a friendly way. This often results in higher open rates. In fact, 69% of responders said they were more likely to buy from a brand who used personalisation in their content marketing.

It is likely that if your consumer is on a mailing list, they will already be informed about your brand. Using interaction video in emails is extremely powerful as it gives the informed customer the extra boost they need to buy. You could use it to your advantage to market a new collection, feature or product to existing customers.

Check out Dior's jewellery example with interactive video platform, Smartzer:

This was used in email newsletter marketing to inform customers about a new collection.

The player was incorporated as an organic link attached to a gif. Viewers could click the gif to find out more information on the collection and be transported to the brands ecommerce. Gif's are a great way at grabbing your viewers attention as they use motion to capture the eye and lead the consumer to the tag video.

Curious customers are not only informed by content, but entertained. This generates 2x more conversions than passive content!

Effective calls to action should be used in email marketing to push the consumer to engage. Check out Pret's email marketing campaign for summer frappes below!

Interact with the campaign here!

The fun, gamified experience of personalising your own frappe offers a memorable and fun way to experience the product online, almost replicating the benefits of being in store. You can almost taste the refreshing, zesty, ice-cold frappe thanks to Pret's interactive email marketing.

Push your brand even further with shoppable livestream promoted in email marketing.

Not only can you link on-demand interactive video in email, but you can use it to drive your customer to a shoppable livestream. Shop live formats are sweeping the internet and more and more brands are selling their products via broadcasts. Platforms like Smartzer provide brands with the tools to allow their customers to shop live. Hosts talk viewers through their products via the stream. The player then adds clickable product popups to direct viewers to ecommerce with the option to add items straight to their bags. You could import a link to this stream in email marketing to notify consumers of the event. You could also send an email in the run up to generate hype.

All in all, combining interaction video with email marketing can help your brand smash engagement, CTR and conversion goals. When it comes to livestream, the format offers a crucial bridge to connect customers and brand representatives.