How You Can Seamlessly Mix Entertainment & Shopping With Streaming Commerce

Live shop technology is becoming more and more relevant for brands everywhere. The format is smashing digital boundaries to produce a revolutionary buying experience that not only converts, but entertains the masses.

It is undeniable that over the past years, there has been a colossal increase in the amount of people buying online, both young and old. This number is only growing as the pandemic has pushed millions of people towards the internet hoping to buy, communicate and be entertained.

Live shopping targets these three desires to draw in a new experience focussed customer profile.

Interactive video platforms are helping brands to achieve their live shop goals 📹

New live stream shopping technology means that brands can host streams with direct links to the products featured. A clickable overlay lives on top of the video stream with clickable pop-ups that provide information, a link to product display pages and a direct add to cart CTA. This quickly introduces the customer to everything they need to know in a matter of seconds, convincing them to purchase.

Streaming commerce opens a channel to link brands and customers in the comfort of their homes 👫

A chat bar helps customers to type questions or responses to hosts, breaking down the wall between virtual and real life. This conversational commerce format provides customers with a more personalised, bespoke, connected way of shopping. Being able to see the face behind the brand boosts customer trust and solidifies the merchants legitimacy.

Dynamic, charismatic and enthusiastic hosts demonstrate the products they know and love to a fresh new audience 🔥

Content could be anything, from brand representatives demonstrating how products are made, to live product demos, to catwalk models wearing complete looks to be bought directly from the stream. You could even host a Q and A, do a live in-store tour or feature an influencer. As long as the host remains up-beat and full of personality, live stream shopping experiences can entertain large audiences and simultaneously encourage impulse purchases in the heat of the moment.

Live Shopping Example

Drawing together shopping, communication and entertainment targets most of the key areas that todays customer craves in an increasingly digitalised world. It is no longer enough to simply have an Ecommerce store, with live stream shopping you can attract an experience focussed consumer and boost engagement and conversion rates through the roof.

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