Interactive video formats that people will watch

Your guide to the best interactive video modalities that will make your audience stop, stare and engage.

Video technology has come a long way over the past year with marketers reimagining their strategies to include new, trending formats that support video interactivity. Customers have grown accustomed to top tier content that not only engages, but involves the viewer as an active participant. Interactive video has allowed brands to stand out amongst the crowd and connect with new and existing customers to generate conversions.

So, without further a do, here are the key interactive video formats that people will actually want to watch.

Shoppable Video

This format supports product purchasing straight from the video itself. Shoppable videos have an interactive overlay that is tagged with product information via URL's, images, text, Product API's and Product Feeds. A viewer can click, scroll, drag or spin hotspots to learn about a product and click calls-to-action to add the item to their basket, buy now, sign up to a mailing list or book a test drive.

Check out Brown Thomas's shoppable video with Smartzer's interactive video platform:


Livestream shopping or livestream events are a great way to encourage interaction with your brand. Video interactivity is encouraged through a clickable side bar that appears alongside the stream. Here customers can browse pre-uploaded product links as they watch the host in real-time. Livestream events often have chatrooms that run alongside the video where viewers can chat between each other and ask the host questions. Interactive video platforms like Smartzer can help brands take their products live to connect with customers.

Nordstrom have recently trialled livestream shopping events on their ecommerce site, partnering with luxury brands like Burberry, Tom Ford and Georgio Armani.

Branching Videos

Branching videos allow for a customisable, decide your destiny type video format. Branching allows you to add clickable decision points in your video that can jump or loop the viewer to another timestamp in your video, allowing them to craft a viewing experience that’s most relevant to them. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost engagement with your viewers and get real-time feedback on their preferences and choices. Via hotspot technology brands input choices for viewers. Time triggers allow brands to set up loops, pause points, skips and more. The viewer can personalise their own experience in the ad, generating a bespoke, one of a kind experience that stays with them.

Check out interactive video platform, Rapt Media's branching partnership with Toyota:

360 degree VR videos

Virtual reality is possibly the most futuristic technology out there at the moment. The interactive video literally digitally immerses the viewer in the video as though they are actually in an alternative reality. These videos don't have to require a headset, VR 360 videos can come as explorable videos on YouTube, Facebook, e-commerce and more. However, it can be used with a headset and now is commonly used at tradeshows by brands to set their customer amongst their products. Take a look below at Immersive Studios partnership with IKEA to put the viewer inside the catalogue. Viewers could customise their experience by selecting colours and products.

Quizzes and Polls

Brands can insert multiple choice quizzes, polls, short answer questions into their videos and then embed them anywhere across blogging platforms, site builders, e-commerce and more. These quizzes are easily measurable and give a clear insight into the mind of the viewer.  End of quiz CTA's encourage higher conversion rates. Videos can be easily shared across social media to achieve virality turning passive viewers into active participants.

Vizia helps brands build quizzes and polls into their interactive videos

To learn more about interactive video visit Smartzer's website here.