Is the future of retail Shoppable video?

If one thing has been proven this year, it's that it cannot predict or plan anything! However, with rapid move to the online retail space, we can consider the possibility that these e-comm technologies will continue to be extremely relevant in the future.

The pandemic has changed the way we shop completely. More and more of us are shopping online right through from Gen-Z through to Baby Boomers. The stay at home message meant that bricks and mortar stores closed and some made the permanent move online.

As a result, the e-commerce space has become saturated with content, virtually all brands are competing alongside each other to sell online. So, a virtual rethink has opened the door to new formats of content marketing.

What is shoppable video?

Shoppable video formats allow viewers to make purchases straight from the content. Videos have an interactive overlay that lets consumers click to explore product information such as price, size, composition and more. A CTA encourages viewers to click through to product pages, add an item to basket, sign up to a mailing list, book a test drive and more.

Shoppable live streams have also provided brands with a welcome solution to cancelled in-person consultations. Viewers can tune into live broadcasts and shop direct by clicking on product popups that appear on the screen. They can also browse a shoppable carousel as the stream plays. The customer can add items directly to their bag or be transported to product pages.

Why could shoppable video technology be the future of e-commerce?

Nowadays, shoppers are looking for convenience and accessibility. Even with restrictions lifting and vaccine rollout, people are still reluctant to head out to busy shopping centres. Shoppable live streams remove the need for in-person consultations, providing a bespoke shopping experience from the comfort of peoples homes. Consumers are constantly looking for new ways to connect with the brands they love. With shoppable video, brands can create a personal experience that stays in the customers mind, building brand loyalty.

Social media has become clogged with advertising content, it can be difficult to stand out. With shoppable, interaction video, viewers become participants in the content, engaging audiences 3-4 x more than standard video. Content also provides consumers with direct links to product pages boosting click through rate and sky rocketing conversion rates.

The beauty of video, is that it shows off the products in 360 degrees, giving customers the confidence to buy online. You can also display multiple products in one video, making them ideal for product discovery. Using interaction videos on landing pages can introduce a consumer to your brand and allow them to select products that are the most relevant. They can see their specific size, favourite colour and more within one video.

Interaction videos provide powerful metrics giving insight to customer behaviour at every stage of the purchase funnel. Unlike standard video, awareness isn't just tracked with views, but interest is registered through clicks on hotspots, consideration through the click through to product pages or e-commerce and conversion through add to cart, form filling or purchasing.

With technology rapidly advancing, it is without a doubt that shoppable live stream and interaction video formats will become even more effective at connecting with customers. With 78% of marketers saying that interactive video is worthy investment, it shows that soon, this kind of video content marketing will become the norm.  

How to make interactive video

Jumping on this e-comm trend doesn't have to be difficult! There are plenty of interactive video platforms out there who can show you exactly how to make interactive video. Smartzer's platform provides a quick and simple solution to shoppable video tagging. Users can manually add their products by inputting details or import using product API. They can add product hotspots by dragging and dropping products onto their video, this makes the content clickable and shoppable. Videos can be shared via a URL across all social media platforms and can be integrated into e-commerce landing pages.

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