JD Sports x Smartzer: #JDWonderland | Shoppable video advert

How JD Sports amplified their 2020 Christmas TV Ad online by making the video shoppable to inspire and enable purchase with Smartzer technology

JD Sports
Photo: Courtesy of JD Sports


With the likes of Virgil Van Dijk, Rita Ora, and Maya Jama gracing our screens, it's hard to miss the JD Sports Christmas TV Ad 2020 featuring an interactive video.  The Ad features a host of big names on the UK Sport and Music scenes, with each of the celebrities wearing the hottest apparel available to buy at JD Sports. The campaign provides some valuable look inspiration to all ages, however, connecting the star-studded content to the products themselves is a separate challenge. For their latest Christmas campaign, JD Sports, therefore, sought to transform the online ad into a fully shoppable experience using Smartzer's interactive video platform.


Video: JD Sports interactive Christmas TV Ad, Desktop user experience.

Having utilised Smartzer's shoppable video platform over the past few years, the team at JD once again turned to the tool in order to connect their latest collection with their star-studded Christmas TV ad. In preparation for the campaign, the existing Smartzer Shop the Look overlay was reworked into a fresh new design and functionality. Seamlessly integrating with the JD Sports brand guidelines, the overlay enabled users to click on each celebrity in the video and browse the items they were wearing. The pop-ups had a dynamic vertical scroll for desktop users as well as a mobile-optimised landscape scroll functionality, making it easy for users to browse multiple items within each look. The interactive video campaign was also run in each of the JD global markets, which made the most of Smartzer's multi-region and multi-language support within the videos.


  • Video CTR = 15%
  • Video Engagement = 30%


Christmas is a time when brands get to flaunt some of their most iconic content. From emotional animations to blockbuster film sets, consumers each year are treated to a whole host of inspiring adverts between their favourite broadcast TV shows. Historically, Christmas ads in the UK have often operated high up the purchase funnel for consumers and are primarily used to drive awareness. Not only did this year's JD Christmas online approach deliver a holistic brand message to users on-site, but through the use of shoppable video technology, it also helped drive consumers further down the purchase funnel. With the growing importance online this is a perfect example of how brands can make the most out of their seasonal content and provide users a frictionless experience online.

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