MAN x Smartzer: The new TGX 2020 interactive video

An immersive interactive video experience to showcase every new feature of the new generation of MAN Trucks.

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As part of the much-anticipated release of the new TGX model in 2020, MAN Truck & Bus, sought to create a fully immersive online experience that customers could use to familiarize themselves with their latest model of truck. The ambition was to not only create a fully dynamic landing page but also to extend the user interaction into each piece of content onsite.


In collaboration with Smartzer and production studio Pixelschickeria, two bespoke interactive video experiences were created for a range of audiences to experience on the new TGX website. The Smartzer interactive video platform was used to tag videos with one video focused on the specific product benefits to the drivers and the other focused on the benefits to fleet managers. Each interactive video had dynamic call to actions embedded within them to notify the user of each feature of the truck.

MAN interactive experience on laptop and mobile

The Smartzer overlay was optimised for mobile and desktop experiences with the player configured to generate vertical pop-ups for mobile users and landscape pop-ups for desktop. Furthermore, the player was configured to included multiple languages, enabling a coherent user experience across the European market.


  • Over 60k interactions with videos onsite to date
  • Videos saw over 40% Engagement
  • 50% of interactions generated through the carousel on the side of the video


The TGX 2020 onsite release is an outstanding example of how interactive video can be used to further engage with consumers. Each experience created was a highly engaging way to capture each user and truly inform them of each feature of the product. This is especially useful given the amount of information surrounding the trucks and difficulty to drive awareness locally to users.

Special thanks to all the team members who collaborated on this project and the team at Pixelschickeria for producing such wonderful content.