Paco Rabanne X Smartzer: Shoppable Instagram Story AD

How to drive conversion on Instagram story ad campaigns with Smartzer MINI pages featuring shoppable items

While browsing one of the world's most popular social media apps it doesn't take much to become disinterested in a story or a product with a simple act of a swipe looming right at your fingertips. Running paid media on Instagram can be challenging and expensive, however having got the right media plan and content in place, too many campaigns are being let down by poor bounce rates and clunky landing pages that are difficult to navigate. To combat this, it's now never been easier to generate lightweight multi-product pages for your Instagram Stories with Smartzer MINI pages. Read how Smartzer helped one of the world leaders in originality and creativity, Paco Rabanne, achieve excellent results on their Instagram Story ads below.

Interactive pop up Example


The challenge was to enable direct and seamless product discovery and shopping for items featured in the Instagram Story Ad video. The existing solution is based on linking the story ad to the brand website, however, the landing page product relevance is low and long loading times of the website result in a low landing page conversion.


A shoppable Story Ad format was created through the Smartzer system where a swipe up on the story instantly opens a [MINI] page with all shoppable products and a direct link to shop via the brand’s e-commerce. The product details such as name, price and click-through link were optimised for language and currency for both markets.


By adding the Smartzer [MINI] shopping page as a “filter” between the original video ad and the Paco Rabanne website, the campaign resulted in driving more qualified leads to the website, demonstrated by the increase in Add to Cart Conversion. The fast loading of the [MINI] page compared to the Paco Rabanne website also resulted in a significant increase in Landing Page conversion, and therefore reduction in the cost per Landing Page.

  • Compared to the test case, Landing Page Conversion increased by 82.5% on average across both markets.
  • Compared to the test case, Smartzer reduced cost per Landing page from an average of £12.39 to £5.67 across both markets.
  • Compared to the test case, Smartzer increased Add to Cart Conversion by 18.8% on average across both markets.

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