PROMOD X Smartzer

French, women's fashion brand, Promod, has mastered the art of video interaction with their new styling campaign:

Everyone knows the struggle of finding new jeans that are flattering and comfortable. With most retailers selling exclusively online, the task can be even harder. However, by using Smartzer's interactive video platform, Promod's video on their e-commerce site gives women the confidence to buy their perfect pair of jeans online.

In the shoppable video style advisor, Valerie, presents Promod's jeans and explains how to style them for multiple body types. The immersive, styling video honestly shows the clothes in action, giving the viewers all the information they need to make a purchase.

The interactive video brings all of the benefits of in-person shopping online with informative styling advice and easy product access direct from the video.


Smartzer's interactive video platform allows brands like Promod to tag videos with products to make them shoppable. Items were tagged into the clickable overlay through the Smartzer Product Import feature. Following this, Smartzer helped to integrate the interaction video seamlessly into Promod's campaign landing page by customising the player to match the Promod onsite style. Viewers can now click on the products modeled by various women to choose their favourites from a group popup. The call-to-action "Je Fonce" or "I'm Going For It" takes customers to the product pages to find information or add to their basket.

Explore the campaign here!


The sleek and stylish interactive video generated an engagement rate of over 55% and a click-through-rate of over 10%. Clearly succeeding in grabbing the attention of the audience while driving customers further down the purchase funnel.


Promod succeeded in making a creative and informative interactive video. By using Smartzer's interactive video platform to tag videos Promod recreated the offline customer service experience online. As a result, viewers could feel confident to buy their dream jeans online.