Ralph Lauren X Smartzer: Shoppable Video Campaign Forces Of Nature

How to connect content with commerce & strengthen the onsite consumer journey using shoppable & interactive video.

Ralph Lauren Model
Photo: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

In August 2020 Ralph Lauren launched a new shoppable video series featuring characters from the Netflix show Elite. A series of video shorts with different characters from the show, including Jorge López, Mina El Hammani, Ester Expósito, Álvaro Rico, Sergio Momo and Itzan Escamilla were shot on the beautiful island of Tenerife. Each video featured the astute characters outlining their rooted connections to nature, while subtly revealing their core motivations in the show. To complement the content, the Forces of Nature collection from Ralph Lauren was a golden selection of classic items, perfectly supporting the look and feel of the Elite show.


Generating exciting content for customers onsite can be a daunting task. However, the seamless Ralph Lauren and Netflix Elite partnership is a fantastic example of how to make beautiful content that not only aligns creatively with both parties but also captures the eye of customers onsite. Brand partnerships with the film and television industry are often not maximised to full potential, with the connection between the on-screen content and product sometimes being left to a visual reference for fans to pick up on. For the Elite 2020 Forces of Nature collection, Ralph Lauren, therefore, sought to explore ways in which to enrich their onsite Elite content and provide new and innovative ways for users to explore the collection while viewing the videos.


The Ralph Lauren Elite campaign videos were made interactive using Smartzer interactive video platform. This enabled viewers to click on the videos and discover more information about the products worn by the characters as a 'Shop The Look' functionality. The videos also featured a carousel on the left-hand side featuring all the shoppable looks, this enabled users to easily browse the full collection while watching the content. The Smartzer interactive and shoppable video is also fully mobile-optimized which enabled the vertical edits to be easily applied within the same piece of content for mobile users, providing them with a tactile user experience (see below). Given the reach of the Elite show's audience, the campaign was also launched globally with each market seeing an automatically language and currency optimized version of the shoppable video experience.

In addition to the shoppable videos, the campaign featured an automated retargeting campaign. Products clicked in interactive videos could trigger automatic retargeting ads across the Google network.


  • Interactive Views = 33.94%
  • CTR = 7.86%


Brand partnerships of this scale with Film and Television franchises can provide businesses with an opportunity to create, sell, and market new and existing products through an alternative creative lens that truly resonates with their consumers. Connecting the content to the commerce opportunity has often proven difficult, however. The Elite Forces of Nature campaign not only demonstrated how video e-commerce technology can overcome such challenges but also showed how simple it can be to enrich users' e-retail experience online by making it interactive.

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