Top 5 Shopify Live Stream Shopping Apps 2021

The apps you need to win with live shopping on Shopify

Live stream shopping is the biggest trend sweeping the internet right now. You may have heard about the video ecommerce format from China who have been selling live for years. However, now it's the rest of the world's time to catch up. After all, live stream shopping can help you sell thousands of products in minutes.

If you need convincing, California-based Japanese pop culture brand JapanLA has seen big success through livestream shopping on Popshop Live. In just one show, it sold $17,000 worth of products through more than 1,500 individual checkouts.

But live stream shopping isn't just reserved for big brands. Now, brands and merchants on Shopify can use apps to broadcast, communicate and sell to their customers.

So, we have put together a list of the most exciting apps helping brands to sell their stock live on Shopify.

1. Shoppable video and Shopify live stream with Smartzer

With Smartzer's app you can create livestream Shopify content in an extremely simple way. The app allows users to add a clickable overlay to their livestreams which allows viewers to shop directly. They can click product popups to view information such as sizing and pricing. They can also click a call to action to add the demonstrated product to their bag or be directed to the product page. Viewers can interact with hosts by commenting in a chat bar. Livestream shopify content can also be turned into on-demand shoppable video on ecommerce.

2. Live Video Shopping  & Streams with

"Live shopping Shopify" lets merchants to engage viewers in real time to sell products. With Channelize's app, brands can host live, engaging shopping session and promote products in real time. This could be used for new collection launches, customer Q &A's, collaborations, Shoppertainment and more. You can view the metrics from your stream after the show.

3. Live Shopping with Livescale

Live shopping Shopify content is also supported by the Livescale app. Brands can generate real-time results with in-video checkout, live chat and a branded gamification feature. Metrics make viewing audience insights easy. Set up is easy with no coding and it is compatible with smartphones, cameras and all ecommerce merchants.

4. InstaConnect Live Videos by LTS INC.

Instaconnect is a livestream Shopify conferencing tool that allows you to connect and interact with customers. Audio and video features allow for real-life relationships to be built virtually. Presentations are like webinars to educate customers about products to they can buy with confidence. You can get notifications when a customer wants to talk to you and call directly from your smartphone.

5. Live shopping Shopify with Baaz

You can use Baaz Shopify live stream to provide your customer with a live video shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes. These live shopping experiences bring together the benefits of in-person shopping with the speed of online shopping. Streams can be one to one or one to many, customers can also communicate with brand reps in a chat room.

For more information on how to create shoppable livestream and on-demand interactive video click here!