Shoppable Video: The Best Ways To Add Clickable Links

Digital technology is rapidly evolving, we are so accustomed to viewing information on our screens that we hardly notice that we scroll through (on average) 300 feet of mobile content a day! This means that marketers need to think carefully about the kind of promotional material they use in order to draw in new and existing customers!

One of the most effective ways to engage your audience is through the use of interactive video. The clickable, immersive content grabs the attention of the passive viewer, turning them into an active participant in the video. This drastically reduces user drop off and encourages viewers to click calls-to-action to complete a purchase or visit the brands e-commerce.

Shoppable video: How to make one

Making a video interactive is not as hard as it sounds. Interactive video platforms like Smartzer show brands how to make interactive video and how to tag videos with product links. These could be existing videos or new material specifically created with interactivity in mind. Users can tag videos with hotspots on a clickable overlay with product information via images, text, URL's, product feed and product API's or manually. Customers will then be able to engage with the video by finding out product information, pricing, sizing and more. Clickable call to actions like 'buy now', 'see more', 'add to basket', 'book a test drive' and 'sign up to newsletter' all encourage conversions.

Here's a breakdown of how you can tag videos to make them interactive...

Shoppable video: Adding products via Product API

If you have a Product API available, connecting it to your interactive video player is the best, simplest way to add real-time product information to your player. You can search the product you want to tag by ID or name and pull the information directly into the player.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant import of all fields
  • Real-time product information direct from product catalogue
  • Enables quick-buy / add to cart integration
  • Can pull in from many different markets at once

Shoppable video: Manually adding products

Another easy way to add products to your interactive and shoppable video player is to add all the fields manually. If your video does not have too many items to add - this is a flexible method that can be worth the effort.

Key benefits:

  • Provides flexibility towards any particular field
  • Requires no setup

Shoppable Video: Upload via Product Feed

Many interfaces allow brands to upload their product information via a product feed or file. This can allow brands to add a lot of information at once saving time, however it can prove quite difficult to manage in the long run as the product information is not served in real-time.

Key benefits:

  • Easy upload
  • Feed can be uploaded elsewhere

Shoppable Video: Benefits

Interactive video engages 3-4 x more than standard video which reduces user drop off. The format informs early on in the purchase funnel, shortening the path to purchase. Click through rates are much higher, often achieving a rate of 27% and conversion rates can be 4x that of standard video.

Interactive video enables each stage of the purchase funnel to be measured. Tracking the initial views and dwell time on the video at the awareness stage, the clicks on the products at the discovery stage, measure clicks at the consideration stage through a call to action and measure conversions through successful purchases or sign ups.

Shoppable Video: Smartzer X BMW example

BMW used Smartzer's interactive platform to create an immersive, clickable experience on social media and stand out from the crowd.

The video promotes the new BMW 4 Series coupé with the style of the content capturing the sleek and stylish athleticism of the vehicle. Viewers could click the video to discover various aspects of the car and click through to the BMW Series 4 landing page.

Interactive features included:

  • Custom video overlay for interaction
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Shareable across social media
  • Interactive player containing all assets placed as action URL in Facebook ads manager


  • Video engagement was over 33%
  • CTR was over 23%
  • 60% of clicks generated were from clicking on the video

For more information on how to make your video interactive visit Smartzer's website here!