The Hamper Emporium x Smartzer: Scrumptious Shoppable video

Smartzer helped The Hamper Emporium to create a mouth watering shoppable video to boost engagement on their ecommerce.

In 2020, the beverage alcohol ecommerce value grew by 42% to reach US$24 billion. Now, using the power of Smartzer's interactive video platform, The Hamper Emporium created a deliciously appealing shoppable video to take advantage of this increased popularity. The viewer is transported into the immersive video as they click to explore the variety of hampers that the brand has to offer.

With summer fast approaching, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a delicious bottle of wine accompanied by gourmet snacks courtesy of The Hamper Emporium?


The Hamper Emporium used Smartzer's interactive video platform to add a clickable overlay to their video. The brand could import products off their ecommerce into the Smartzer player to tag hotspots with key information. The viewer can interact with the video to shop products and add them to their basket for purchase. The shoppable video also features a browsable carousel alongside the content. The Hamper Emporium's interactive video is seamlessly integrated into their ecommerce landing page and reflects the sleek style of the brand to attract onsite visitors and introduce them to their dream hamper.

View the shoppable video on The Hamper Emporium's ecommerce here!


By implementing the shoppable video seamlessly into their landing page, The Hamper Emporium can instantly draw in site visitors and educate them about a variety of products, giving them the confidence to buy. By using Smartzer's interactive video platform they achieved:

  • A clickable overlay tagged with up to date product information
  • 'Click to explore' and 'View hamper' calls to action
  • Browsable group popups
  • Browsable side carousel
  • Direct links to product pages
  • Stylish, frictionless video reflecting the brand ethos


With the total value of alcohol ecommerce expected to exceed US$40 billion by 2024, it's no surprise that brands like The Hamper Emporium are seeking new ways to sell their premium products to the masses. Shoppable video engages 2-3 times more than standard video and converts at up to a rate of 400%. With the alcohol and food industry moving to increasingly online formats, brands can use interactive video to reach a wider customer base, engaging them at high rates and providing them with an experience that they remember.

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