TikTok X Smartzer: Shoppable TikTok ads

Transform your ads on TikTok using smartzer shoppable technology

Over the past year, TikTok's popularity has soared. The highly talked about and highly addictive video-based Social media app has seen record downloads in over 40 countries and has recently opened up its new TikTok business ad account interface. The app is now a true rival to the likes of Facebook and Snap, and as businesses flock to get a slice of the action, it's a platform that is here to stay.

Advertising on the platform is still in its infancy, however, as there are still only a limited amount of placement types and creative tools available to use. Standing out and connecting content with commerce on the platform can, therefore, prove difficult. One way to overcome these difficulties is through the use of Smartzer technology, as it's now also possible to trigger shoppable and interactive experiences directly from paid media campaigns within TikTok. See how brands can stand out with Smartzer technology below:

1. Smartzer MINI Shop

Smartzer MINI Shoppable Example

Through connecting the campaign call to action with the Smartzer MINI shop links, you can now connect your TikTok ads directly to your product feed in Smartzer. Users simply click on the ad to instantly see all shoppable products and a direct link to shop via the brand's e-commerce. The Smartzer MINI shop pages are lightweight, easy to use, and help inform the users of a range of product information, which can lead to higher conversion rates, and a stronger ROI.  

Content examples:

  • TikTok Makeup Tutorial Video - Link MINI shop page with products in the look 💄
  • TikTok Fashion Outfit Video - Link MINI shop page with items in the look 👗
  • TikTok Recipe Video - Link MINI shop page with all ingredients needed 👩🏻‍🍳

2. Launch the interactive experience

Interactive Video Example

Each Smartzer interactive experience is optimised for mobile, meaning sharing Smartzer players has never been easier through Social media channels. Users can experience highly engaging interactive content by simply launching the Smartzer experience from the call to action URL on your TikTok campaigns.

Content examples:

  • TikTok Work-out Videos - Launch to an interactive and shoppable work out video 🥊
  • TikTok Travel Videos - Launch to interactive hotel tour 🏖
  • TikTok Auto Videos - Launch to an interactive tour of car 🚗

As TikTok grows into a more and more important platform it's safe to say technologies outside of the platform are moving with it. For more information on how Smartzer can support your latest campaigns feel free to get in touch via our website.