Top 10 Apps For Adding Video To Shopify 2021

It is no secret that video is the most informative form of content for educating new and existing customers quickly. Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video (Social Media Week). Compared to static images and text, video can tell your audience a lot about your product in a short space of time. This means that video has the ability to convert viewers into customers fast.

For brands on Shopify, creating video doesn't need to be complicated. There are several applications that can simplify the process and help businesses to produce content that converts.

A Shopify Video Maker is a tool that can take text, images and audio to create dynamic content. Here are some tools that can help you to create video on Shopify...

1. Video Background: by Code Black Belt

Add an exciting element to your website by creating a Video Background. Code Black Belt's app allows brands to choose any video for their ecommerce background quickly. You can choose which section of your website you'd like the video to cover and can edit the size, audio and more. The app is free for 30 days, easy to install and fully customisable.

2. Smartzer: Shoppable Video and Livestream

Smartzer's app helps brands to create immersive, interactive and shoppable content. Brands can choose to create an on-demand shoppable video in which they upload their product links to a player and then add them to a clickable overlay to make them shoppable. It is possible to share these videos across social media and implement them on ecommerce landing pages to boost engagement, click-through-rate and conversions. Smartzer also offers brands the option to create a Shopify livestream. Here, all you need to do is upload your products you want to display to the app before the stream, then link the player to your chosen streaming platform. Brands can then film a Shopify livestream in which viewers will be able to buy products in real-time without leaving the video.

Check out the above example of Smartzer's livestream with German brand, Magiclaze, on Shopify.

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3. Easy Video: Product Videos by Nexusmedia

EasyVideo allows you to copy and paste a link to YouTube and Vimeo videos to use it for items in your store. The app helps you to embed video code to product pages and display video instead images. You can adapt the video to suit your site theme, with some themes requiring extra configuration. So, instead of just a plain image you can demonstrate your products with an exciting, moving image. This will provide a more detailed view of your product, giving the customer the confidence to buy online.

4. Widgetic: Video Player

Widgetic allows users to create video on Shopify that showcase product features. The app allows you to add all of your social media video content into a single player to then customize them to match your stores onsite style. The app can also be applied to your product descriptions, playback content from your social media channels, testimonials and more. This way, customers stay informed with video updates.

5. Product Videos: Omega

Omega's software allows brands to add Youtube and Vimeo videos to product descriptions. Users can add multiple videos with no limitations on how many there can be. The tool lets users view a video in Lightbox Popup and you can select to display a single or gallery video. Users copy and paste the video URL into the app and can edit layouts.

6. Shopideo: Product video by Menelabs

Shopideo also helps brands add YouTube or Vimeo videos to product pages and can even create video thumbnails. An intelligent search engine allows users to browse product related videos to find there perfect content. The app doesn't slow down the speed of your product pages when browsing which creates a better shoppable content experience.

7. Promo Videos

Promo helps Shopify brands to capture their audiences attention and draw in business. The app automatically creates videos for your store, products, brand awareness, social channels and more from existing content. Just upload your desired videos and let the app do the rest.

8. Live Stream Shopping: by

Live Stream Shopping (app) helps brands accelerate purchase decisions by combining real-time product experience with product information verification and instant chat room communication. Shopify livestream apps allow brands to engage with buyers in real-time. Like Smartzer's app users host live, engaging shopping experiences to promote products and sell instantly. Videos can be repurposed as on-demand content after the stream has ended.

9. Vimotia: Shoppable Videos

Vimotia helps brands to create TikTok style shoppable content on their ecommerce to boost sales. The apps swipe feature turns ordinary videos into refreshing shoppable videos. Content is monetised by featuring an 'Add to Cart' button so that viewers can purchase with one click. Shoppable video shortens the path to purchase, encouraging impulse buying.

10. Tolstoy Interactive Video

Download Tolstoy to create personalised product recommendations, quiz, FAQ & video chat on your ecommerce. The app helps brands to create shoppable videos, interactive experiences and quizzes to promote your brand and sell. The app helps users to welcome visitors to their site with a personal touch, create interactive FAQ, automatically answer popular support questions to lower ticket volume and explain complex products in a way that shows.

Video helps to build brand loyalty by showing site visitors authentic and detailed product information. Using video content in marketing and across ecommerce is now essential for creating a name for your brand, so why not use the above apps to win on Shopify?!

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