Top 5 Apps For Standard And Interactive Video On BigCommerce

The race is on to optimise your Ecommerce in a digital age. If you are using BigCommerce for your brand, these apps can show you revolutionary new ways to sell using dynamic, immersive shoppable video formats. Keep reading to boost your business on BigCommerce with these 5 transformative video apps.


BigCommere Shoppable Video Demo

Give your BigCommerce brand an edge with video interactivity. Smartzer's shoppable video platform allows brands to add a clickable overlay to their video content. Customers can tap to find out product information like pricing, sizing, colour options and more. Views can even add products straight from the video into their shopping cart to then check out. Video can be on-demand or live with brands being able to broadcast from their Ecommerce, selling in real-time. Customers can buy direct from streams via popups, with the option to communicate with hosts in a chat bar. Smartzer can be completely integrated with BigCommerce.

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Show off your products with customisable grids, user testimonial pages and video galleries. Brands on BigCommerce can add buttons to their site to redirect customers to your product pages, add captions and a search bar for easy navigation. The app efficiently uses automatic image cropping, adds image filters and allows the user to select a masonry or slider layout. These images and videos within galleries can be shared across social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

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Elfsight Vimeo app is an effective instrument for those who have a website and who need to show Vimeo content on the site. You have an opportunity to collect playlists of videos, show channel, pick the best theme content for your gallery and more. Increase the level of engagement on the site showing the most enticing videos. Advertise your products with the help of video tutorials, reviews, and promotional shoppable videos. Attract more followers of your Vimeo channel using streaming commerce.

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Improve engagement on Product videos by incorporating them into the thumbnail gallery beneath your main product photo. This customisation automatically pulls the video and displays it alongside your photo thumbnails, allowing the customer to easily access and watch while clicking through the gallery. If you have the video, there’s no extra work on your end—this add-on leverages the existing BigCommerce video fields to create the thumbnail.

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Elfsight TiKTok Feed for BigCommerce is a unique app for selling not just items, but emotions and experiences. By using it you can build custom feed composed of your content from TikTok – and display it straight on your site. Design a video gallery in a few clicks! Exert the absolute control over a content presented with various filtering options and weed out spam and any unwelcome content via manual moderation. Completely responsive online-configurator gives you several templates to choose from. This shoppable video format brings a new entertaining tone to streaming commerce.

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