Top tips for a great livestream shopping experience

In 2021, online content has the capacity to go viral and reach millions. When it comes to trends, they get popular fast.

The latest craze dominating the ecommerce scene is livestream shopping. This form of streaming commerce is taking off, with hosts making thousands of sales per stream.

This growth in popularity can be blamed on the global pandemic. When stores were closed brands had to look towards internet solutions to stay in touch with their customers. Livestream offers a real-time shopping experience in which brands can connect with their consumers to sell.

It seems in a post-pandemic world this trend is set to stick around. The format has been huge in China for a decade and by 2023 the market is set to be worth $25 million in the US alone.

This may sound intimidating and you may be asking yourself, "I'm a small business, how on earth can I start using livestream to sell?". Even if you aren't a huge corporation like Adidas or Amazon, you can still take your brand live with shoppable livestreams.

So, here are some tips to consider if you want to delve into the ever growing industry of streaming commerce...

Choose a suitable platform!

Make sure you have done your research into platforms that will help you go live!

There are several options out there. Some great platforms include:

Popshop Live: aimed at independent retailers and ecommerce businesses. Brands can talk to hundreds of customers at a time to sell products. Just sign up to the app to become a seller and your application will be reviewed.

Smartzer: The interactive video platform helps brands to create clickable video streams. Brands connect the Smartzer player to their streaming platform using a RTMP link and stream key. Viewers can then tune in to shop directly from the video in real-time. Anyone can subscribe to Smartzer to create livestream shopping experiences. The Smartzer editor is now available or businesses to download on Shopify.

Bambuser: Integrate the platform with your ecommerce to livestream and interact with customers. Viewers watch videos and make purchases even after the event. Bambuser also lets users broadcast one-on-one with customers for personalised consultation style appointments.

Whatnot: Whatnot's platform is for collectors and is similar to eBay. The platform specialises in the resale of rare products like designer sneakers. Anyone can shop on the app, however, not everyone can sell. The team reviews applications and accepts established businesses with good reputations.

Live streaming example

Choosing a platform can help you achieve engagement that goes beyond just Instagram live.

Platforms that focus on livestream shopping experiences are better equipped to provide you with a seamless selling experience. They are also more likely to provide your customer with a top tier buying experience. Instagram Live has a slight delay broadcast, which can cause issues when trying to achieve seamless conversions or communicating in the comment section with viewers.

What else do sellers need for a successful livestream?

Exciting, personable content!

To really achieve sales, hosts need to be engaging, friendly and have personality. A planned stream with dynamic content will retain viewers and reduce drop off. Fans love behind the scenes content, if this is your first livestream, give your viewers a unique and human view of your brand. Story telling is a great way of engaging a viewer. Maybe even try a Q&A if you have time!

Inform your viewers to gain customer trust.

Although personality is important, it is still essential to give information about what you are selling. Video tends to be the clearest way of portraying a product so do your best to demonstrate the key features and why your viewer will want to buy it. Be passionate about your product!

Film in a good location with good lighting and no background noise.

There is nothing worse than being on a video call and not being able to hear the other person because the WIFI is bad or there's shouting in the background or you can't see them. The same goes for livestream. You need to create an environment that your customers would want to be in. Ensure you have clear lighting, a fun back-drop (think about coordinating your brand theme and values), make sure the room is soundproof or maybe even provide a subtle backing track.

You don't need state of the art equipment. However, some simple tools can make you look professional.

A tripod to rest your phone or camera that you are streaming through will ensure your camera stays still and level with your host. If your WIFI is weak, consider getting an extender or hot spotting from a stronger device. Maybe invest in a cool backdrop if you plan on doing multiple streams or buy some standing lights to make sure your viewers can see you!

Keeping livestreams consistent and offering your customers special events to join can boost engagement and increase brand loyalty.

By offering multiple streams you can sell more and more products! As word gets out about your livestream shopping experience you will grow your consumer base.

Streaming commerce doesn't have to be rocket science! For more information on how to create your first stream visit