The pandemic has changed our lives. So much so, that we can barely remember what life was like before. However, one of the key things the world has realised is how useful the internet can be at making everyday interactions accessible during a socially distanced time.

The events industry has taken a colossal hit during COVID 19. A year onwards, rubbing shoulders with strangers in a sweaty club feels like something from an alternate dimension. But, many events organisers have decided to overcome barriers put in place by pathogens to give people interactive, inclusive shows virtually through the miracle of live stream.

This format has proven to be so effective, that it is likely to persist even after the pandemic. Organisers are considering the possibility of 'Hybrid' events, events that have both in-person and at-home audiences. With many expected to feel wary about stepping into a crowd as a result of COVID anxiety, this hybridisation of audiences includes all, regardless of social confidence level. Not only this, but the retargeted focus of events towards at home audiences has made many shows far more accessible for people with disabilities. Live interactive video events have given many a new lens to access their favourite artists and brands.

There have been some incredible attempts to recreate the in-person experience of events in the comfort of peoples homes. Check out some of our favourites from 2021 so far...