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Adidas is one of the most famous German clothing brands that manufactures and sells sportswear. Content has always been one of the core ways for Adidas to tell their brand story, showcase their products and to connect with their customers.

Adidas launched the Reimagine sport film and used Smartzer's shoppable video technology to make the videos shoppable on to make it easier for their customers to discover the products in the featured looks.

Viewers were able to click on the looks featured in the video which would pause the video and display all the relevant shoppable products with direct links to all the product detail pages. All of the shoppable looks were also discoverable through a shoppable carousel alongside the video.


The key goal for the campaign was to measure engagement with the interactive video format and to drive more customers to product pages featuring the products. Making the video shoppable created a new link between an inspirational video on a category landing page and all the featured individual products, instead of sending shoppers to a page where all the products are listed.


Smartzer's shoppable video platform was used to build a beautiful branded interactive overlay onto the Reimagine sports film video, where each of the featuered looks became clickable. Viewers could click on the look which would pause the video and bring up an overlay with details and "Shop Now" links for all the shoppable products. The viewers could also explore the looks through an interactive carousel alongside the video, as well as though the replay screen.


The interactive sports film drove high engagement rates where 62% of viewers interacted with the video to see view product details. Each of these interactions enabled Adidas to gather data points on product interests and video performance. Additionally to engagement, 20% of the views resulted in a viewer clicking through to a product detail page, leading into success with the goal for creating a link between content and the product pages to drive more qualified traffic to these.

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Missoni partnered with Smartzer for the launch of the Adidas collection film. Smartzer's technology was used to add a shoppable layer to the brand film, which enabled viewers to discover the looks and to shop through a single click.

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