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Imagine an interactive video showing your chosen destination, you can click into the video to explore more about the beautiful features places. This might be a hotel, a restaurant,  a sightseeing attraction. Amazing, right? This is now possible with Smartzer's shoppable video software and demonstrated in the  Amazing Thailand advert for the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Using a wide range of content we have tagged different experiences, spa & wellness possibilities, hotels, luxury tour packages and some culinary must-go places, which a viewer can explore by merely clicking straight into the video.


Videos have become one of the most powerful storytelling tools for marketers, especially in a category with such beautiful inspirational content. The Thailand Tourism Authority had created a beautiful film for Tourism Thailand which featured a broad range of different locations across beaches, hotels, restaurants and sights. For anyone watching the video it would normally be very difficult to identify the featured places, let alone find more information about them. The goal of the collaboration was to bring the piece of content to life and make it easy for viewers to discover more information about the featured places and services.


The video featuring the various locations and services across Thailand for the Amazing Thailand Campaign was converted into an interactive format using Smartzer's interactive video platform. Using the tool, interactive hotspots were added to each of the featured items. Clicking on these hotspots would show more relevant information including visuals, description and a link to a relevant call to action. In addition to hotspots on the video, an interactive carousel with all the featured items was added alongside the video. The interactive video was then shared on the Amazing Thailand website and also shared via social media.


The campaign showed strong results with an engagement rate of over 39.7%, which was much higher than a non-interactive version of the same video. The video included 5 call to
action points and information surrounding Thailand's luxury Hotels, SPA & Wellness, Luxury Tour Packages, Cuisine and Experiences. The clickthrough rate to these call to actions was 24.2%, which was a high multiple of the
ad clickthrough rate on a benchmark online video.

Cape Mentelle shoppable video

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Cape Mentelle used Smartzer's shoppable video technology to convert an inspirational gift Hamper video by Hamper Emporium into an interactive shoppable experience.

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