Bloomingdale's x Kiehl's | Live Shopping Beauty Masterclass

Bloomingdale's take live shopping to a whole new level by hosting regular live shopping masterclass experiences with popular brands that can be found on the retailer's website. For those that are already signed up as a BB member and receive newsletters, they are prompted to join the masterclasses and discover new tips, tricks and products with the host (expert).

During the live shopping events, customers are able to sign up to be come a "BB member" or enter into a competition all through the interactive elements that Smartzer provides. Viewers are able to scroll through the carousel at the bottom and discover all of the products that are in the show or be easily navigated through the featured products section on the top left of player. With our add-to-cart functionality, viewers can be purchasing with 3 simple clicks.

Most recently, Bloomingdales partnered with Skincare brand Kiehl's on one of their liver shopping masterclasses. Users were able to interactive with the extremely knowledgeable Maya whilst she was going over the benefits of each product. Maya was able to provide key tips & tricks on how to incorporate them into the skincare routine.


Bloomingdale's wanted to give the customers subscribed to their newsletter an extra piece of value through regular skincare masterclass.

The luxury retailer wanted to increase the trust and loyalty of their client base by giving the customers a chance to ask questions directly to experts, feel more connected to the retailer and ultimately shop directly from the event. For those that were not a member, Bloomingdale's wanted an opportunity for viewers to be re-directed to a sign up form.


Smartzer's live shopping product fitted perfectly into what Bloomingdale's where hoping to achieve with their masterclasses.
By connecting directly via their phone Maya, the host, was able to demonstrate products & answer live questions that were being submitted through the watching audience. Our live shopping product offers the audience multiple options of interactivity. They could enter competitions, become a member of the retailer, add-to-cart and explore products in the carousel or ask questions direct to the host.


This live shopping event was a complete success because of the way Maya interacted with the viewers making them feel heard and valued behind the screen. This increased a lot the trust the audience had in her and the interactivity offered the customers a simple journey through the purchasing decision resulting in more than 50 products of an average price point of 230AED being added to the cart during the 25 minute live shopping show.

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