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Shoppable animation films

Sephora, the french luxury retailer. Sephora created a series of videos across the Black Friday and Christmas period.

The videos were digital animations featuring the seasonal highlighted products including their famous Christmas crackers. Sephora used Smartzer's shoppable video technology to transform these videos into fun interactive experiences across four of their key European markets.

The shoppable videos were featured on Sephora's homepage where viewers could play the videos and click on any of the products to see the details and have the ability to add the products straight to their shopping cart.


They key goal was to make Sephora's animated product videos instantly shoppable on the Sephora website across the French, Spanish, Italian and Polish websites. An additional goal was to provide detailed analytics to understand how consumers interact with the videos to discover product details, which items are most popular, and which items drive the most clickthroughs. The client was also interested in seeing the difference between adding items directly into the shopping cart vs clicking through to the product details page.


Smartzer shoppable video platform was used to create a video player with an interactive overlay to display details for each of the tagged products. The items were tagged with hotspots directly on the video itself as well as displayed in a shoppable carousel. Consumers were able to click on the products in the video to see more details and an option to add the item directly into their shopping cart, or to click through to view further details on the product details page.


The Sephora shoppable video series achieved high engagement at 47% on average across all the videos, alongside an average click-through rate of 9%. 34% of Call-to-action (CTA) clicks on the product popups were on the direct ‘Add to Cart’ button, as opposed to the ‘More Info’ button, which showed a large proportion of users shopping through these videos making impulse purchases. The double CTA option was also a success as it allowed Sephora to capture the attention of customers across a broad range of the purchase funnel journey.

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