BMW | Interactive Social Ad Campaign

BMW, a world leader in automotive design, is rowing towards a more innovative digital approach to expand its client base and give its online customers a new way of discovering their products through the power of interactive shoppable video. For this campaign, they launched an in-feed Instagram Ad where users were able to click 'Learn more' on the post, and be redirected to Smartzer's interactive video.

The interactivity provide an opportunity for the audience to get to understand more about the specifics of the product which was perfect for BMWs discovery. In the video, the viewers could click on different parts of the car and discover more about the specifics of the product via a custom overlap pop-up. Each of these pieces of information was given to the viewers as an overlay of the video via a pop-up with a CTA button redirecting to BMW's website.


As a company driven by innovation at its core, having a disruptive digital presence while promoting its product was key for them to be aligned with the brand's core values. That's why the luxury automotive brand wanted to give their online customers a new way of discovering the specifics of the new Series 4 car.


BMW aligned on what was the essential information they wanted to give their customers on the pop-up so they could know enough about the features but without overwhelming them. The company gave Smartzer all the pop-up specifics as well as the desired design to match the branding luxury look.


The Paid social interactive campaign was a success from both the engagement and the click-through rates. More than 20% of all the viewers not only clicked on the Ad and interacted with the video elements but they also clicked on the 'Learn more' CTA button, being redirected to BMW's website to learn more about the car specifics and/or buy the car itself.

VW interactive video

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Using shoppable video was a perfect opportunity for Volkswagen to re-utilise existing video assets to drive awareness whilst viewers could book a test drive, driving quality leads to Volkswagen's website as a result of interactive video.

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