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Brown Thomas is a well-known Irish retailer that offers a variety of luxury fashion, beauty, and home goods. Established in 1849 by Hugh Brown and James Thomas, the company, was from the outset, a name that is synonymous with luxury, integrity and beauty.

Brown Thomas has a strong in-store presence and as they continues to expand on their eCommerce efforts to cater to customers worldwide, the multi-brand retailer, subscribed to Smartzer’s interactive video platform to deliver multiple shoppable videos across a different range of categories which included a in-store education experience, fashion experience as well as an accessory and beauty demonstration which was all made shoppable. Each video invited the customer watching to view the content with an overlay that would invite them to "click to explore". This simple method enabled huge product discover whilst gave customers easy navigation to check out their favourite items.

From shoppable artist stories to designer brand snippets, makeup tutorials, store walk-throughs and gifting videos, Brown Thomas has utilised interactive video technology to ensure their customers continue to have a rich experience when landing on their website.

Using Smartzer across all departments...

Brown Thomas, being aware of their extensive product range, aimed to produce several shoppable videos highlighting various product categories to enhance the purchase experience for their customers. As a company at the forefront of quality customer service, they wanted to provide their e-Commerce visitors with an easy and convenient way to buy their products and engage with their content.


Smartzers shoppable video hotspot technology enabled Brown Thomas to add a layer of interactivity to their video content that allowed viewers to watch, shop and explore their favourite products through an interactive journey. The product tags contained colour & sizing variant options with built-in add-to-cart functionality. This allowed customers to navigate their way through the purchasing funnel!


The retailer achieved extremely high levels of engagement and click-through rates across all different videos. Brown Thomas successfully shows how a broad and exciting range of content can be made shoppable and interactive to boost engagement and conversion on eCommerce regardless of the product. Applying these learnings to eCommerce can transform the online shopping experience as we know it, bringing the benefits of in-person shopping online by giving the chance to customers to instantly purchase what they are seeing.

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