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Shoppable videos on e-commerce and in-store

Harvey Nichols is a British luxury department store that sells designer fashion collections for men and women, fashion accessories, beauty products, fine wines and luxury foods.

Harvey Nichols launched a series of video campaigns in partnership with a selection of brands such as Chloe and Replay. Smartzer's shoppable video technology was used to make these video campaigns interactive and shoppable on their e-commerce as well as on touch screens at the retail store.

Their customers were able to interact with the video campaigns to click on any of the looks, which would pause the video and show additonal details such as a look image and information about all the included products with links to shop.

In parellel to showcasing the shoppable videos on e-commerce, these were also showcased in the Harvey Nichols department store on large touch screens where their customers could interact with the videos. The execution also won the Draper's Digital innovation award.

Omni-Channel Shoppable videos

Harvey Nichols was looking to transform their online experience through beautiful and inspirational video content and wanted to make it easy for their customers to learn more about the products they were showcasing. They also wanted to offer the experience actoss both their digital channels as well as the department store itself where customers could interact with the shoppable videos to discover products from the latest campaigns and the shop floor staff could use this as a means of engaging with customers.


Once the video campaigns were created, Smartzer's video tagging platform was used to add shoppable hotspots to the videos, which would create a link between the featured looks and associated shoppable products. The end result was a video player with a customised interactive overlay where a viewer can click on any of the looks to see more details and direct links to shop. The interactive shoppable video player was embedded both on Harvey Nichols e-commerce as well as displayed on large touch screen monitors at the London store.


The shoppable videos on e-commerce achieved successful performance for both engagement as well as clickthrough rates. The results proved that customers are highly receptive to using such formats to learn more about products and to help them navigate to the relevant product pages, especially on a website with a very large catalogue. The shoppable video in-store experiment also achieved strong results in terms of interactions and attracted a lot of press attention being a very innovative solution for in-store technology.

Adidas video example

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Smartzer's shoppable video platform was used to build a beautiful branded interactive overlay onto the Reimagine sports film video, where each of the featuered looks became clickable.

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