Bulgari |
Interactive Video Social Media Campaign

Bulgari is a luxury brand that sells products including jewellery, watches, and perfumes. In recent years, the brand has been focusing on increasing its digital presence to reach their high-end audience in a more sophisticated & interactive way.

By embedding Smartzers interactive video player within Social Media, you are giving your brand the opportunity to expand the potential market that sits on the app. By utilising the URL export within Smartzers interactive editing too, you can place this within any social media application that accepts a URL re-direct. Making it perfect for sponsored ads for posts & stories.

Bulgari teamed up with Smartzer to do just that for their new line of perfume that was being launched. Bulgari prepared a "teaser video" that would entice new audiences members to "see more" and swipe up. The swipe up then re-directed the audience to the Smartzer interactive shoppable video where potential customers could start to discover the new range and click through to the product page via a "discover more" button.


The main objective of the Bulgari Perfumes shoppable Instagram campaign was to increase brand awareness. The campaign aimed to target a high-end audience and showcase the unique characteristics of each of their perfumes. The goal was to create an engaging and interactive experience for users, where they could learn about each perfume.


The campaign was executed in several phases, the brand created short videos that showcased the perfumes in a visually appealing way. Then, they also outlined an Instagram Ads strategy to reach the desired audience. On the shoppable video, customers could click on the link and be directed to Bulgari's website, where they could complete the purchase.


The campaign was a huge success, exceeding the brand's expectations in terms of engagement and product discovery. The campaign generated a significant improvement in the way they interacted with their potential customers, with the brand reporting a 87% engagement rate. By creating high-quality content and an interactive experience for users, Bulgari was able to engage its high-end audience creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience, which helps building brand loyalty.

Case Studies


Paco Rabanne used Smartzer's shoppable video technology to convert tis campaign film into an interactive and shoppable format where their customers can discover products across both product ranges. The film was converted into a format where viewers were able to click on the models which would pause the video and show additional details relevant shoppable products.

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