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Interactive fragrance advert

Paco Rabanne, part of Puig, is a third-generation family-owned fashion and fragrance business based in Barcelona. Puig created video campaign crossing over both across fashion items as well as fragrances in terms of products.

Puig used Smartzer's shoppable video technology to convert this campaign film into an interactive and shoppable format where their customers can discover products across both product ranges. The film was converted into a format where viewers were able to click on the models which would pause the video and show additional details relevant shoppable products from the men's and womens' collection.

If the viewer clicked on a woman they would see the relevant women's fashion collection items and the women's fragrance for Millions. If they clicked on a man they would see details the men's fragrances. The experience was shared on Paco Rabanne's e-commerce and also pomoted via social media.

Transforming an advert

Paco Rabanne wanted to create a unique experience where the campaign which was originally filmed an an awareness piece for fragrances only, was converted into a format where viewers can disocver more about the fragrances as well as fashion items at the same time. This was a novel concept for thr brand which also provided an opportunity cross promote the categories through a single video ad.


The video ad was made interactive and shoppable using Smartzer's video tagging platform. The video was tagged in a way where clickable hotspots were added to both the men and the women separately, which would then link to fashion and fragrance products.  Each of the shoppable looks were also added into a shoppable carousel which can be opened alongside the video, to create a further way for customers to discover product.


The results both for engagement rate and click-through rate to product detail pages were strong. The format showed how a video ad which has been originally filmed as a brand story and awareness piece can be converted into an interactive format to help viewers discover product ranges and to navigate to product detail pages in a single click.

Shoppable video example

Case Studies


Brown Thomas is a well-known Irish retailer that offers a variety of luxury fashion, beauty, and home goods. Established in 1849 by Hugh Brown and James Thomas, the company, was from the outset, a name that is synonymous with luxury, integrity and beauty. Brown Thomas has a strong in-store presence and as they continues to expand on their eCommerce efforts to cater to customers worldwide, the multi-brand retailer, subscribed to Smartzer’s interactive video platform to deliver multiple shoppable videos across a different range of categories which included a in-store education experience, fashion experience as well as an accessory and beauty demonstration which was all made shoppable.

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