Buttonscarves | Live Shopping series

Buttonscarves, founded in 2016 by two Indonesian entrepreneurs, is a retailer specialised in scarves based in Indonesia. The brand started their live streaming journey back in 2020 with a weekly live shopping series hosted on their e-commerce site. In 2022, Buttonscarves partnered with Smartzer to propel their livestream strategy even further.

The weekly live streams, hosted by the brand, allows customers to click & view the featured shoppable products in real time, add it straight to cart & engage via live comments and likes.

Since launching live shopping, Buttonscarves's community has grown exponentially, as their customers are able to directly engage with the brand and discover products in an authentic way. All content series produced are accessible via their live shopping page on their website, which features both shoppable recordings and the information for the next event.

Due to the successful live shopping series approach, the brand was able to build a very loyal community of viewers and improve the number of views and engagement rate every week. Helping the business grow and boosting conversions.


Our objective was to launch an engaging solution that allowed the team to go live whilst offering customers, in real-time, the opportunity to interact with their favourite products and ask any questions to the host.

With engagement a key KPI, the live shopping platform was perfect with our comments & likes features. This enabled the host to educate their audience to comment & ask about the products that were being shown.

We also wanted to provide easy navigation for customers to select a product, discover more information and make a conscious decision to convert.


As Buttonscarves e-commerce platform is Shopify, it provided us with a simple solution for seamless integration. Smartzer's Shopify App allows brands to download from the Shopify App Store.  All of the product information like, price, variant sizes, product name & description would automatically be pulled across from the e-commerce platform into Smartzer's Platform, ready to go live.

With our featured products section, the host was able to navigate the audience to the products they were talking about. This feature appears in the top left of the live shopping event & gifts the ability for customers to click, view the product & add to cart with 3 simple steps.


With the consistency of how often Buttonscarves went live, they were able to educate their audience in the functionalities of the Smartzer live shopping platform. This created a very loyal customer based that ensured they never missed an opportunity & consistently grew from show to show.

From show one to their most recent, Buttonscarves has seen a 650% increase in audience growth. With live shopping features such as "featured products" and our live shopping carousel, where you can search through all of the products in that live shopping event, Buttonscarves grew their business with an ROI of 8X higher.

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