Gisou | Live Shopping Series

Beauty brand, Gisou, explored an engaging new way to sell via Smartzer's live shopping solution. The revolutionary brand has become a cult-favourite through new honey-infused products that are guaranteed to sweeten every hair care routine. Gisou took advantage of in-house experts by hosting a shoppable live stream tutorial on site for their exciting new product launch of "honey infused beauty balm".

Through Smartzer's dynamic livestreaming commerce technology, Gisou was able to direct users to buy the products by featuring their oils and balms at the correct points. Viewers could like & comment to show their interest and to ask questions. They could explore more product details by clicking through to the product display page as well as instantly adding the items to their cart from the stream to check out. The scrollable bottom carousel made for quick & easy product discovery.

The Gisou followers responded extremely well to the live streaming format. The like & comment functionality created a community feel whilst allowing viewers to make confident, educated purchases. As a result the brand generated an elevated level of engagement and click through rate.


Gisou wanted to provide their customers with an engaging and interactive live shopping experience. The live shopping events, which were to be hosted regularly, was an opportunity to expand their community and lead their customers through the purchasing funnel.

Engagement was a high priority for Gisou so their audiences could ask their hosts questions about the products and learn more about different techniques on how they can be used.


By scanning a unique QR code, the Gisou host's were able to connect to the platform and go live via their mobile phone. On instances where the host was not available, they would be able to film the content on mobile and upload the content as if the show was live.

Our comments section allowed for the Gisou social teams to moderate comments & answer any questions that the host could not get to.


Thanks to the consistency of the live shopping shows, Gisou were able to seamlessly embed the videos on their website and create a series for their audience to watch back all of the shows on demand.

Thanks to the comment section, audiences were more informed when making their discussion to click through to the product page or add directly to cart.

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