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Grazia is a weekly women's magazine that originated in Italy, and has international editions across the globe, including in the United Kingdom. They produce articles and content around the topics of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and many others, in both print and online.

In 2022, Grazia UK subscribed to Smartzer to enhance their digital offering with in-article interactive videos, and regular live shopping experiences. This has helped to elevate the editorial package Grazia can offer to brands, as well as improve the online experience for the wealth of web readers Grazia commands.

Interactive Content for Publishers

Standing out from other online magazines was a key aim for Grazia. Finding a way to engage with their audience in a way that their competitors did not offer a dual benefit. Firstly, this would help to improve the experience for their online readers, encouraging them to continue to visit Grazia's site. Secondly, having a digitally innovative and unique editorial offering would allow them to produce market leading editorial content, encoruaging a boost in editorial content, as well as audience interaction with this.


Grazia utilised shoppable video to promote products in article. They created short-form video content about the products, and encouraged users to shop the items through CTAs that directed users to affiliate product pages. Shoppable livestreams were used to promote product lines and livestream recordings were used to take advantage of the content even after the show had ended. Viewers were still able to interact with and shop the products discussed in stream if they happened to be unavailable at the time, or wanted to go back and watch the show again.


Utilising interactive video and livestream shopping allowed Grazia to provide an unmatched digital experience on their site. Their readers were able to easily locate products that interested them simply by clicking on the hot-spots in videos, or featured products in a livestream. This helped Grazia to send traffic to affiliate pages in an effortless and innovative way. Finally, interactive experiences offered Grazia's readers and exciting new form of content, encouraging them to return and continue to view their content.

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Case Studies


As the models paraded down 136 slippery steps, viewers could click to learn more about each creatively unique look to bring up information about the designer, craftsmanship & the breathtaking pieces the models were wearing. An interactive side carousel enabled viewers to scroll through all of the featured looks within the show. This made for increased interactivity and boosted brand awareness quickly.

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