Interactive & Discoverable Runway

Valentino maintained their record of spell bindingly memorable shows with their Haute Couture Fall/Winter collection evoking the historical beauty of the luxury fashion house on Rome's "Spanish Steps". The collection was not purchasable, but was made entirely explorative, immersive and interactive through Smartzer's interactive video player.

As the models paraded down 136 slippery steps, viewers could click to learn more about each creatively unique look to bring up information about the designer, craftsmanshp & the breathtaking pieces the models were wearing.

An interactive side carousel enabled viewers to scroll through all of the featured looks within the show. This made for increased interactivity and boosted brand awareness quickly. The bespoke player was carefully created with the Valentino branding in mind so that it seamlessly reflected the websites UI.

Valentino proved how interactivity could be used to elevate an already spectacular magical runway experience to appeal to the viewers curiosity. This encouraged them to explore the collection on a deeper, more intimate and memorable level producing phenomenal levels of engagement rate. As a result, Valentino proved that by adding an extra layer of click-ability to video content, you can succeed in drawing in the audience for luxury fashion.


Valentino's objective was to bring the exclusivity of a Haute Couture Runway to their online customers through an engaging, interactive experience allowing to further the product discovery onto the designers and breathtaking pieces the models were wearing.

By adding an interactive element to the video, it was hoped that the audience would be able to explore for a deeper connection to their audience.


Our interactive pop-up can be completely customisable to suit the need for your project and content. In Valentino's instance, we were able to take advantage of the manual features within the Smartzer platform to provide vital information of the designers.

This pop-up was then complemented by our hot-spot technology to ensure when viewers clicked on their favourite outfits, the designs information would appear.


This type of interactivity was extremely successful with a 60% engagement rate and over 37k clicks on the video. This showed that audiences are susceptible to this type of interactivity.

The interacitve video shows that education is just as important as conversion and can often be the very first step when trying to get customers through the purchase funnel down to conversion.

Case Studies


Jacquemus has been partnering with Smartzer to make their fashion shows interactive and shoppable. As viewers landed on the site to watch the show, they had the possibility of clicking on their favourites from within the video with an elegant pop-up directing them to pre-order or to "shop now".

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