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Heatworld, the online publication of Bauer Media's Heat magazine is a mix of celebrity news, gossip, beauty advice and fashion, primarily aimed at women. Heat's target audience love video content, but Bauer Media wanted to take a things a step further, and really elevate the online experience they could offer through their targeted ads. Shoppable video was the perfect solution. When traffic from the Instagram Reels ad reached the video, instead of seeing informative styling content viewers saw an engaging intercative experience. This helped to highly increase engagement with the ad, as well as dwell time on the page.


Bauer Media wanted to increase engagement with their targeted ads, and provide a more exciting experience for the viewer. They also wanted to ensure their content was engaging and encouraged traffic to their affiliate partners page in order to maximise the value of the campaign for their partner. Making their article stand out from the crowd by using great interactive content was an appealing solution.


Shoppable video was a perfect way to achieve this goal. Traffic from the social ad was driven to an article containing a styling video. Here an influencer and host were promoting the latest collection from a large UK women's fashion brand. As the host asked the influencer showcased and discussed their favourite products, viewers could click to open pop-ups with more information about them. Here they could see further images of the product, the price, as well as a clear call to action to encourage viewers to the product page to make a purchase.


The video offered two powerful results. Firstly, the experience of those who clicked through on the ad was highly engaging, as they were able to interact with the content. This left a lasting positive memory of the items in the video, as the exciting content stood out from regular video. Those who viewed the video engaged for a lengthy period of time, given the enjoyment of interacting with the content. Secondly, the interactive pop-ups and clear CTAs contained within helped to drive traffic to the affiliate brand's product pages, encouraging high volumes of purchasing, all via a paid social ad.

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Beauty retailer Feelunique utilised interactive shoppable video so their customers had an easy navigation from product discovery to conversion. With an elegant pop-up designed, viewers could shop within the video and select their specific variant before selecting to "buy now"

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