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Gamification via Interactive video

Jo Malone London is a British brand known for its perfumes, candles, bath products, and room scents.

Jo Malone had filmed a brand story led Christmas film which featured a selection of products in gift boxes. Jo Malone used Smartzer's shoppable video technology to convert the brand story led film into an interactive and fun shoppable experience.

The interactive and shoppable video experience was shared across global markets on the Jo Malone website as well as through social media channels and email newsletters.

Viewers were able to click on the different gift boxes to reveal different products across scents and candles from the season's collection and to shop these products directly from their e-commerce.

Non-product led Interactive experience

Jo Malone had a goal of converting the awareness focused film into a marketing asset which can be used to move customers further into the funnel to discovery, consideration and even purchase. One of the important areas was to create a fully bespoke and branded gamified interactive video experience where viewers can click on the different products to discover details and to shop.


The brand film was tagged in a way where each of the gift boxed was linked to a different product from the Jo Malone collection, creating a fun gift finder type experience. In addition to tagging the gift boxes, viewers were also able to discover all the products via the side carousel as well as through the video replay screen. The experience was also optimised for different languages and currencies to enable global sharing of this campaign.


The results of the campaign exceeded expectations and proved how interactivity can bring value to any video content, even content which is not product led and designed to promote conversion. 31% of all viewers interacted with the video, with some markets reaching figures as high as 80%. There was also a high percentage of customers clicking through to product pages and adding items to their shopping cart.

MAC interactive video example

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Smartzer's shoppable video technology was used to add clickable hotspots to the featured products to turn the videos into engaging experiences with easy product discovery.

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